On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = low, 10 = high), how much do you trust your intuition?

Does that number fluctuate depending on the day, the decision before you, or other factors?

Learning to trust and value your internal guidance can be a long and winding journey.

Intuition doesn’t necessarily make sense to our logical mind, which is rooted in what we already know, what we believe, and in our past experiences.

Have you ever learned in hindsight that you SHOULD have trusted your inner guidance? I have! Those experiences can be painful, though they remind us that we have something valuable in addition to our logical minds that can guide us.

I was honored to be part of a panel discussion on the topic of intuition. The panel included a scientist, and was a fun and fascinating conversation! We talked about:

  • How to use your intuition ON PURPOSE
  • What quantum physics has to say about your “gut” feeling
  • Why “woo woo” is no longer taboo
  • How to stop our logical brain from hijacking your intuition
  • The #1 reason people don’t trust their intuition (hint: it has to do with trust in ANOTHER area of your life).

“What we might call magic right now is just science for the future.”

Dr. Davia Shepherd, founder of Ladies Power Lunch, hosted the discussion. I invite you to check it out here:

Let’s keep the conversation going

Do you consider yourself logical or intuitive – or both? How do you know when to trust your intuition? Share in the comments – I’d love to hear!

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