Re-ignite your connection
with the limitless power
of your intuition.

You’ve landed here for a reason.

I help exhausted people stop missing out on life so they can reclaim their confidence, joy, and success.

If you’re dealing with decision-fatigue and creative burn-out, and simply getting through your day is sometimes about all you can manage, you’ve landed here for a reason.

Imagine breaking free and living a happy, joyful life of freedom, without shame, guilt, or second-guessing yourself.

My superpower is re-igniting your connection with the limitless power of your intuition.

Your big dreams are not meant to be kept in a box. Your deepest longings are signs of a sacred unfolding – the very heart of the Divine working through you.

If you’re in a time of change, if you can’t go back to your old way of living, I invite you to take the first step by reacquainting yourself with your beautiful intuition.

Download your free “Decision Masters” guidebook to start incorporating easy techniques to quickly gain focus and clarity, reduce overwhelm, and easily move forward in your life.

Take the first step by reacquainting yourself with your beautiful intuition.

Inner-child healing for Robin

“Manda has such a beautiful and calm nature with her energy clearing work. I’ve participated in various energy clearing sessions over the years, and my session with Manda is at the top. I felt safe and trusting of Manda to hold space for me. So many areas from my childhood were brought to life, and I was able to let my inner child heal. I felt very clear at the end of our session together. Manda’s intuitive gifts are powerful. I highly recommend working with Manda to move through any blocks you may have (or have no idea that you have). It will be a true gift to your overall well-being.”

Robin Finney, Dallas, Texas

Spiritual and emotional peace for Shelley

“Manda helped me feel more grounded and better prepared to address the circumstances in my life. I experienced more spiritual and emotional peace. I have also felt more present in my body and more relaxed. My mind has been clearer.

Manda provided information that gave me greater understanding, peace, and reminded me to be gentle with myself. She has helped me through difficult times and I felt completely supported.

I recommend Manda to anyone who is open to energy work. She is non-judgmental, effective, professional, and has a peacefulness about her. I appreciate her wisdom and graciousness.”

Shelley Dugan, Minnesota

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