Are you ready to schedule some undivided attention on YOU? 


You’ve landed here for a reason.

What would be possible if you could always rely on and trust your inner knowing?

If you’re dealing with decision-fatigue and creative burn-out, and simply getting through your day is sometimes about all you can manage, you connected with me at the perfect time.

Imagine breaking free and living a happy, joyful life of freedom, without shame, guilt, or second-guessing yourself.

I help you to stop missing out on life so you can reclaim the confidence, joy, and success you know you’re meant to have.

My superpower is re-igniting your connection with the limitless power of your inner guidance.

Your big dreams are not meant to be kept in a box. Your deepest longings are signs of a sacred unfolding – the very heart of the Divine working through you.

If you’re in a time of change, if you can’t go back to your old way of living, I invite you to take the first step by reacquainting yourself with your beautiful intuition.

Download your free “Decision Masters” guidebook to start incorporating easy techniques to quickly gain focus and clarity, reduce overwhelm, and easily move forward in your life.

Manda Stack

Take the first step by reacquainting yourself with your intuition.

Free Clarity Call!

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your next steps? Whether you’re striving for career advancement, personal development, or life balance, a Clarity Call will provide space to explore your current situation, goals, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities!

Free Clarity Call

A huge weight lifted for Dr. Davia

"Before my energy clearing with Manda, I was working through a time of transformation in my business. I felt as though I had the physical tools I needed to move forward to my next step but I was just stuck. After my energy clearing, I literally felt lighter, like a huge weight had been lifted. Since then I have been able to take inspired action to move my business forward and most importantly, that energetic shift left me feeling so much better. I love Manda’s kind and calming manner. Her intuitive gifts help us get in touch with who we really are. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling like some aspect of their life is a struggle or if they’re just feeling stuck."

Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Ladies Power Lunch

Laura Monk

An incredible boost in energy for Dr. Fraya

"I can’t thank you enough for my personal energy clearing session. Your energy work seems to be like some kind of miracle. My experience was magical and wondrous. I had no expectations of what may happen during our time together–but afterwards I felt better. Somehow, there was a spacious lightness unlike anything else. I had a sense of feeling pure and clean as if you had allowed me to access the Divine in me. It feels like you cleaned me up from the outside layers and all the way into my core – dusting off the old and stale energy accumulated from a lifetime - and from my ancestry. I also experienced an incredible boost in my energy that allowed me to complete a marathon stint at work, the very next day. Thank you for who you are and what you do – I am truly grateful. It is important that people know about you and the power of your energy healing."

Dr. Fraya Zella Wolf, Psychotherapist and Transformation Coach

Robin felt heard in the circle of trust and safety

“Manda's Spirit Circle was such a loving and nurturing environment to be a part of. I felt heard when I shared and was able to be in the listening of others when they shared. Manda used her calming energy to bring a level of trust and safety to the circle. Her added touches of prayer, wisdom, and song added a special touch to this sacred space. I highly recommend seeing for yourself what the Spirit Circle has to offer you.”

Robin Finney, Wandering Aunt

Janet Kodish

Like a spa visit for the soul

“Sitting down to an energy clearing with Manda is like booking a spa visit for the soul. I scheduled an initial appointment with Manda because I was feeling overwhelmed by emotions that couldn't be explained. Manda was so gentle and her questions, and insights were so clarifying. I am so glad that I booked the three-session package, because each session built on the previous one as my energy became more clear. By our third session, I had connected with my larger ancestral story that had been so troubling for me, and was clear on how I would incorporate this into my life. I was energetically at peace and felt physically cleansed. Manda is the real deal. She is like a cool pool of water that you want to rest near, peaceful and illuminating. If you feel stuck, if you are in over-thinking mode, or if you are curious about what energy clearing is all about, book a session with Manda! All you need to do is sit, and be open to receiving Manda's gift. ”

Janet Kodish, Oakland, California

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