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Simple, yet powerful, ways to bring balance
into your life, home, and business.

“You have a very gentle, kind energy and I felt safe doing this work with you. I received comfort and hope. You were very respectful, thorough and professional, with great empathy and kindness.”
—Julie M., United Kingdom

One-on-One Sessions

Decision Master Guidebook

Test the waters and get a sense of Manda’s work in her free Decision Master Guidebook: 7 Proven Techniques to Supercharge Your Decision-Making Skills.


Intuitive Readings

Do you need help reconnecting to your inner knowing? Schedule an in-depth Intuitive Reading to gain insight and help you make choices that support your success, joy, and confidence.

$150 US

Personal Energy Clearing

Renew your sense of calm and clarity with a gentle yet powerful clearing of your energy field. When accumulated stress from past difficult experiences are cleared, your balance is restored, vitality and flow return, and you live the joyful, confident life you were meant to live.

$150 US

Home Energy Clearing

Release the negative energy from your home that’s draining you and keeping you stuck. Create new possibilities, vibrant flow, and fresh motivation with a home energy clearing. Includes personal clearings for each member of your household – and pets too!

Starting at $150 US

Business Energy Clearing

Release old, stressed energy from your physical business office space that’s preventing your business from soaring to new heights of success and enjoyment for you and your employees. Attract new customers and clients by harmonizing the energy in your business space. Includes personal clearings for you and the primary employees/managers of your work setting.

Starting at $150 US

Group Experience

Spirit Circle

Staying well physically as well as emotionally and spiritually in a time when we’re sheltering at home is hard. The world has changed, and so much feels unclear. Reset your clarity, calm, and connection in these times of upheaval

Only $29 USD ~ (Regularly $79)

Retreats for Church Groups

A spiritual retreat provides the opportunity for time away from your daily routine and into a sacred container of peaceful reflection, prayer, experiences and renewal.

Price Varies

DESIRE Retreat

Are You Ready To Rise? Divine Energetic Space for Your Intuition to Reconnect and Expand.

Price Varies

Master Your Intuition

It’s time for you to finally clear the way for renewed joy, passion, confidence, and connection – so that you can pursue what you were divinely created to do and be.

Price Varies

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Peace and self-acceptance for Tina

“There is something wordless and healing about being in your company. I experience tremendous relief going from chaos to peace, and feel more accepting of myself, and kinder to myself. I notice an increased ability to sense when I am out of balance energetically.

You are able to be with people in a unique way that offers comfort, clarity, understanding, and peace. Anyone undergoing an uncertain transitional phase in their lives, or experiencing emotional turmoil or lack of direction would benefit from working with you.”

Tina N., Tampa, Florida

Spiritual and emotional peace for Shelley

“Manda helped me feel more grounded and better prepared to address the circumstances in my life. I experienced more spiritual and emotional peace. I have also felt more present in my body and more relaxed. My mind has been clearer.

Manda provided information that gave me greater understanding, peace, and reminded me to be gentle with myself. She has helped me through difficult times and I felt completely supported.

I recommend Manda to anyone who is open to energy work. She is non-judgmental, effective, professional, and has a peacefulness about her. I appreciate her wisdom and graciousness.”

Shelley Dugan, Minnesota


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