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What would open up in your life if you had clarity, freedom, and trust?

Are you ready to break free from the barriers holding you back and step into your full potential?

VIP (Vibrant Inspired Purpose) Program

VIP (Vibrant Inspired Purpose) Program

Are you stuck in a holding pattern, hoping for something to change so you can finally live your dream? In this 5-week one-on-one coaching program, you’ll set a course on your path from the way things are to the way you want them to be. With focused guidance, accountability, and encouragement based on your unique goals, your dream is closer than you think!  


Ignite your Passion, Power, and Purpose Program

Are you ready to create what matters in your life and work? It’s time for you to make a true impact in the world. This coaching program is designed to clarify your unique purpose and start to live it right now. Get the support you need to take inspired steps toward the fresh, new chapter of your life. Change IS possible.  

Free Clarity Call

Free Clarity Call 

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your next steps? Whether you’re striving for career change, personal development, or life balance, this call will provide clarity that arises from your inner wisdom on what’s right for you at this time. Take the 3-question assessment to get on a complimentary call with Manda. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities!

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A gifted healer who brings a ton of wisdom and compassion.

“I have more perspective on where I want to go from here, with a sense of clarity that I didn’t have before working with Manda. She is a gifted healer who brings a ton of wisdom and compassion.”

Dena DeCastro, Astrologer, Portland, WA

Compassion and insight

“It was very awakening and good to sit with myself in the presence of someone so compassionate and insightful! It’s helped me have more compassion and patience for myself. Thank you.”

Rachel C., Cleveland, Ohio

Great empathy and kindness

“You have a very gentle, kind energy and I felt safe doing this work with you. I received comfort and hope. You were very respectful, thorough and professional, with great empathy and kindness.”

Julie M., United Kingdom

I strongly endorse Manda.

“I strongly endorse Manda and the work that she does with deep dedication and great integrity.”

Sandy Walden, Master Grief Coach, Indiana

Comfort, clarity, and understanding

“There is something wordless and healing about being in your company. I experience tremendous relief going from chaos to peace, and feel more accepting of myself, and kinder to myself. I notice an increased ability to sense when I am out of balance energetically.

You are able to be with people in a unique way that offers comfort, clarity, understanding, and peace. Anyone undergoing an uncertain transitional phase in their lives, or experiencing emotional turmoil or lack of direction would benefit from working with you.”

Tina N., Tampa, Florida


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