Your intuition, gut response or “sixth sense”
is your untapped resource.

Greetings intuitive friends!
(Yes – you!)

I’m Manda, an intuitive specialist and guide. I work with people just like you who are ready to trust themselves more, gain confidence, freedom, joy, and peace in their lives, work, relationships, and finances.

Everyone has intuition – it’s just that most people have lost connection with their inner wisdom. You are here because you understand that your intuition, gut response, or “sixth sense” is your untapped resource

Do you have something you daydream about in the back of your mind – something you’d like to do or have or be someday? I’m here to tell you that it’s not just wishful thinking. There’s a reason you have this desire. It’s your soul speaking to you.

As a professional intuitive, I not only give you insights about your life, but I empower you to activate your intuition so that you quantum leap toward the life you’re meant to live.

To help you get started, I’ve created a free guidebook that gives 7 ways you can tap into your intuition to make clear and aligned decisions. Are you ready?

Your intuitive advantage

I’m the Behind the Scenes Oracle for successful businesswomen. With extensive experience in healing, intuitive, spiritual, coaching, and energy clearing work, I help you develop your intuitive gifts so you can finally break through your fears and live your Divine purpose. I’m here to equip and empower you to become a master of your own decision-making and connect you right to your Divine Source for the freedom, flow, and joy in life that you deserve. 

More about me

Certified Energy Clearing Practitioner through Hay House author Jean Haner of Clear Home, Clear Heart

Certified Sourced™ Transformational Leader through Darla LeDoux of Sourced Experience

Gen X

INFP/J on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator

Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, Capricorn Rising

Manifesting Generator 3/5 Right Angle Cross of Consciousness Human Design Profile

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Humanities Major and Women’s Studies Minor, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Master of Divinity Degree from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Ordained Minister in the United Church of Christ and former church pastor of 23 years, all about Christ Consciousness

LGBTQIA affirming

Black Lives Matter advocate and committed to social justice

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

When I’m not working with my wonderful clients, I enjoy reading, traveling, and hiking or biking in the state parks of my home state of Wisconsin, especially with my partner Kel.

Kel and I

Manda and Kel

How to work with me.

Curtiss, Manda’s intuitive cat

Things I love:

Autumn (and spring – it’s a tie!)
Burr oak trees
Connecting with the Divine
A hot mug of jasmine green tea
Oracle cards
A good organizational system
Human Design and Gene Keys
Singing along with “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls
Doing energy clearing for people and spaces
KonMari-ing my home
Lakes, rivers, and oceans
Sacred organ music especially on a rainy or snowy day
The color emerald green


Comfort and Hope for Julie

“You have a very gentle, kind energy and I felt safe doing this work with you. I received comfort and hope. You were very respectful, thorough and professional, with great empathy and kindness.”

Julie M., United Kingdom

Peace and self-acceptance for Tina

“There is something wordless and healing about being in your company. I experience tremendous relief going from chaos to peace, and feel more accepting of myself, and kinder to myself. I notice an increased ability to sense when I am out of balance energetically.

You are able to be with people in a unique way that offers comfort, clarity, understanding, and peace. Anyone undergoing an uncertain transitional phase in their lives, or experiencing emotional turmoil or lack of direction would benefit from working with you.”

Tina N., Tampa, Florida


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