Recently someone mentioned a piece of trivia to me that I can’t stop thinking about: For every human being on the planet, there are 7 million insects.


Now, I didn’t fact-check this, but it sounds reasonable (especially living here in Wisconsin – hello mosquitos, bees, butterflies, and various bugs that accompany me when I’m outside!). This statistic has been swirling around in my mind because it’s a reminder that we humans are only PART of a whole complex ecosystem.

When I get too caught up in my day-to-day worries to-do lists, my vision narrows. I forget to be in awe.

Awe – defined as a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder – is overlooked and underrated. And it’s HEALING! It expands our perspective and reminds us that this is truly an amazing world/universe/life.

When is the last time you experienced the feeling/sensation of awe?
  • Standing before a giant Sequoia tree
  • Listening to Handel’s “Halleluiah” chorus
  • A shooting star streaking across the night sky

It doesn’t even have to be a huge or unusual experience to invoke the experience of reverent wonder.

Recently I felt awe noticed an elaborate spiderweb shimmering on my front porch in the early morning sun. The proud spider (one of those 7 million insects per person) rested in the middle of her creation. I appreciated the intricacy of the design and wished her well in catching her meal. I checked on the web regularly for the next few days, each time feeling a sense of grandeur at this small creation – a private art show for my eyes only.

A healthy sense of awe is a doorway to Source.

“Spirituality is a work we undertake that orients us toward gratitude and awe and away from complaint, bitterness, and living in the idealized past.”
– Rev. Victoria Weinstein

What I love about awe is that it brings us to the present moment, which expands our sense of time in an often time-starved world.

When I work with clients, I often experience awe as I witness the inner strength, beauty, and vision in those who I am privileged to accompany for a while on their journey. I love the work that I do!

And I’d love to support you. Are you tired of living in bitterness, complaint, and regret?


  • Being called by your desires instead of being chased by your fears
  • Reconnecting with the feeling of awe throughout your day!
  • Going from victim of circumstance to co-creator (with Source) of the life of your dreams
  • Building your life with joyful, aligned purpose
  • Honoring your truth and standing wholly in your power

I see your Light!  I see your Greatness! I hope you can fully see yourself in this way too. If this resonates, I invite you to learn more about my Heart and Soul Strategy session.

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