I recently learned that bird song shifts something in your brain. Why? Because birds don’t sing in the presence of a predator.

Way deep in your reptilian brain, when you hear birds sing, your brain gets a primordial signal that you can relax. (This doesn’t include predatory birds such as crows or hawks but refers to songbirds.)

I thought about this recently when the number and variety of birds visiting my yard was a non-stop delight – for me AND for my (indoor) cat Curtiss who watched through the “cat TV window” with his tail flicking.

When you hear birds singing, an ancient part of you relaxes. From above, they have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding environment, and their calls and warbles mean that all is well in your area.

Next time you hear birds calling, I invite you to pause and listen. Enjoy. Breathe. Appreciate. See if you can notice your system relaxing.

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Are you a birdwatcher? What’s your experience with listening to songbirds? Share in the comments – I’d love to hear!

Manda Stack

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