Care of your nervous system

I’m Generation X and I relate! What role did horror movies / books play in your life? Or do you still watch/read them?

These days, I don’t expose myself to unnecessary violence on TV shows or in movies.
Adrenaline still rises when I think about scenes such as Friday the 13th when the woman frantically tried to start the car to get away as Jason jumped onto the roof.

I tried watching Reacher on Netflix. Though the story line – based on a very successful book series – was intriguing, the violence was too much.

What are your thoughts on watching fictionalized violence? Do you watch/read it? Are you a bit numb to it? Does it activate your nervous system?

Not too long ago I was watching a compelling movie that took place during WWII when, partway through I felt an internal shift. I stopped the movie, thinking, “I no longer choose to watch violence.” I felt myself cross a line.

I can’t help but see the parallel of the horrors that are taking place in real life. I’ve lost my taste for violence as entertainment.

I also recognize my privilege in getting to choose to hit the stop button on violence, when so many in our world are living it.

So today I’m reflecting on what we expose ourselves to, how we care for our nervous systems, and that when we create a space of peace inside of us. The more peace we’re able to create inside of ourselves, the more this helps to anchor peace in our hurting world.

My deepest wish is for you – and for all beings – safety, love, healing, and peace.

Let’s keep the conversation going

Did you watch horror movies or read scary books when you were younger? How has it affected you? Share in the comments – I’d love to hear.

Manda Stack

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