About six months ago I started a simple ritual of greeting the water when I get in the shower or bath. “Hello water,” I say out loud as I immerse myself. With a grateful heart, I acknowledge that water is a life-giving element that I’m privileged to have easy access to, along with a water heater – ahhh!

We’re in the midst of a “mini drought” here in our part of Wisconsin, where we’re at least a couple inches behind in rainfall for this time of year.

The upside of this unusually dry weather is that I don’t need to mow the lawn since it’s gone kind of dormant. The downside is, well, a hardship on plants, creatures, and the land.

As I’ve been out watering the plants and smaller trees in the yard, I top off the birdbath each day to make sure the birds have access to some fresh water too.

It’s easy to take water for granted and overlook its vital importance to us on many levels. Water is a mystical elixir that flows through our lives and holds a profound spiritual significance. Beyond its physical necessity for survival, water has a deeper essence. It’s a symbol of purity, renewal, and life.

In my energy clearing work, Water is one of the 5 Elements that I often see expressed in my clients’ lives in various ways. It represents trust, creativity, and intuition. When our “Water Element” is out of balance, it can show up as being “frozen” in fear, stubbornness, or getting caught in illusions in our thinking.

I’ve found that connecting with and appreciating water helps me to regain balance when I’m off-kilter. How about you?

Let’s keep the conversation going

How do you relate to water? What meaning does it have for you? How is the water in your area? I’d love to hear your take on water.

Manda Stack

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I’m Manda Stack, Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people get calm, clear, and connected so that they can make empowered decisions to live with joy, confidence, and freedom. My signature services include intuitive coaching and personal energy clearing sessions, which are done virtually through Zoom sessions. Click here for more information.


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