​Since childhood, I’ve been extremely sensitive and tuned into energy from other people and physical spaces such as homes, offices, buildings, and especially shopping centers. Can you relate? Have you ever walked into a building or room and it just felt “off?” Have you ever interacted with a person and felt drained by the encounter?

I didn’t have the language or the understanding about what this was for the longest time. I just thought there was something wrong with me because no one else was really talking about it. But I came to find out that many people related to being an empath, or a highly sensitive person.

Later in my adult years, I started to learn about energy and began to receive training in various modes of energy work. Eventually, I became certified in energy clearing, and I found that it really helped with me with my own energetic boundaries – to figure out what was mine and what was not mine, and to be able to finally move around in the world much more easily without feeling so bombarded or overly sensitive to external stimulation.

I knew that there were other people who had similar struggles with sensitivity to energies, and felt called to create a business as an Intuitive Coach and energy clearing specialist to help people feel comfortable in their own energy.

The mission of my work is to help us understand that we are all energetic beings. We don’t end at our skin. We’re always constantly sending and receiving energetic information, and that’s actually how we’re created to be. We came into this world with the ability to relate with people energetically. It’s a gift, not a burden.

I’m passionate about helping people to remain grounded and centered, to not get swept away in other people’s energy, or drained when they’re around certain people.

Some empaths/sensitive people close off their hearts and draw inward as a coping mechanism. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A simple technique to start your day

One simple practice is to do what I call a “Baseline Reading” of yourself in the morning and check in with yourself. Pause and take some breaths and notice:

  • How are you feeling physically?
  • Do you have any tightness or pain anywhere?
  • How are you feeling emotionally?
  • How are you feeling spiritually?

Once you have that baseline sense of how you’re feeling, you’re automatically more centered and grounded in your physical being and your own energy. Now you can begin your day, and it’s much easier to notice when something bumps up against you energetically that isn’t yours. You have a more grounded sense of what’s yours and what isn’t. For example, if you get a stomach ache when you’re with someone, or another physical issue, or a shift in your mood, be aware that you may simply be noticing an energetic frequency of a person or of the space you’re in, and it’s not yours to take on. Let me repeat that: it’s not yours. In fact, that’s a question you can ask yourself throughout the day: “Is this mine?”

What is Energy Clearing?

Another tool I use regularly is energy clearing, which is sometimes described as invisible acupuncture but without the needles. When I do energy clearings, I tune in to the client and clear layers, kind of like if you’ve ever had an acupuncture treatment: when you stick a needle in one area it frees up the energy to flow more freely throughout your body. Just like our physical bodies, our energy can get blocked or stagnant, and energy clearing dissolves and releases those stuck places – even of things that have been hanging onto you in your energy field from years ago.

An energy clearing session takes about one hour, and happens either virtually through Zoom video, or in person at my office (located in Burlington, Wisconsin). Ready to clear your energy? I invite you to schedule your energy clearing.

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