When I attended an outdoor wedding in the hills of Austin last October, even though the bride was beautiful and the ceremony was touching, it was the trees that most caught my attention.

A canopy of Live Oaks surrounded us. I felt their majesty and presence and was totally in awe of them.

Have you ever had a special relationship with a tree?

Trees have so much to tell us!

If you love trees as much as I do, you may enjoy this reflection by Red K Elders:


“People sometimes don’t believe that it is possible to commune with anything other than human. ‘I sat for an hour talking to a tree, and it didn’t say anything to me,’ they tell me.

I ask them what did they give to the tree? Did they make offerings of food or drink or bodily emanations? Did they play it music or sing it a song? Did they dance for it so beautifully or gently ask if they may lovingly touch or hold it? Did they even introduce themselves properly and share a delicate secret from their innermost being?

Other-than-human relationships are like any other in this respect. We have to show our caring, dare to reveal ourselves and continually build trust with each other over time.

And let go of expecting anything from the other. Go with the attitude of ‘what I can do for this tree today that will honour it, express my gratitude for all its whole beingness and support its growth?’ Go continually, answering that question for yourself, before you even start expecting any interaction or answers from the tree.

Then one day, the tree may speak to you, but it may not be with words, and it may happen so quickly you’ll miss it the first few times. Slow your whole body and elongate it into tree-time. Go again like a child, playful and with reverence. Pay exquisite attention to every nuance of the entire scene with all your senses wide open.”

How might you slow down and elongate into tree time? What might open up for you if you sat or reclined under a tree? What might it tell you?

Let’s keep the conversation going

Are you a tree hugger? Do you have a special relationship with a tree? Share in the comments about your favorite tree – I’d love to hear!

Manda Stack

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