It may sound simple, but what would happen if, the next time you noticed something beautiful, you invited the feeling of beauty inside of you? I’ve been practicing this lately. And it is a practice to interact with beauty in this more engaged way.

Most of us appreciate the loveliness of a flower or sunset. We tend to be passive onlookers who skim the surface of the aesthetics of what we’re seeing. What would it be like to be INFUSED by the energy of the beauty you’re experiencing? To pause and breathe it into your being?

That way, the energy of beauty is available to you even when you’re not necessarily noticing anything particularly beautiful. You can always tap into it as a rich well of abundance.

Here are 3 beautiful things I’ve paid particular attention to this week:

  • Cats: (especially my floofy cat, Curtiss) Their graceful movements and affection fill my heart with joy and a sense of peace.
    • I feel this beauty as a warmth in my heart.
  • The vibrant green of mid-summer trees: I soak in the vitality of nature surrounding me, invigorating my spirit.
    • I experience this beauty as a grounding feeling in my legs and feet.
  • Goldfinches at my birdbath: Watching these colorful creatures playfully splash and flit around brings a sense of peace and harmony to my soul.
    • I sense this beauty as an open, expansive feeling around the top of my head.

Beauty is all around us, waiting to be felt and experienced in our beings. Let’s take the time to pause, breathe, and immerse ourselves in the wonders that enrich our lives and awaken our souls.

Let’s keep the conversation going

What do you find beautiful? And, more importantly, what happens inside you when you experience beauty? I’d love to hear!

Manda Stack

About Manda

I’m Manda Stack, Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people get calm, clear, and connected so that they can make empowered decisions to live with joy, confidence, and freedom. My signature services include intuitive coaching and personal energy clearing sessions, which are done virtually through Zoom sessions. Click here for more information.


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