For a few years, after I went through a divorce, like clockwork, on May 21, I’d get a sharp pain in my heart area that lasted for a few hours. It wasn’t enough to warrant a doctor visit. It was more like, “Huh. Ouch.”

The third year it happened I noticed that the calendar date of this annual pain was the exact same. It was then that I remembered May 21 was the day my (now) ex packed up and moved out.

I finally made the connection between a broken heart and the actual physical symptom that was showing up. Once I realized that, the pain never returned. I had recognized its origin, honored and acknowledged it. Thank you, body. Yes, that was a hard time after he left. It hurt. I’m ready to let it go now.

My mind may not have consciously remembered the specific date of that physical parting, but my body remembered. It knew and held that hurt. It had a say.

If our bodies are that on-target to manifest such specific information at specific times, what more was going on that I wasn’t aware of? It turns out, a lot more is going on.

Our bodies give us messages all the time. I’ve come to know that our intuition works most reliably through our physical selves. It’s one of the quickest ways to get our attention – but first, we need to be willing to be open to receive inner wisdom through these divinely-created bodies of ours.

Body-centered intuition is usually quite subtle. Yes, sometimes it makes enough of a ruckus until we look beyond the physical symptom to see what else might be going on – what is there to heal on an emotional or spiritual level?

Because most of our intuitive-body messages are understated, we need to allow for an environment of neutral openness to be able to hear and respond when the messages come through.

Our body is among our greatest allies. It is one of the master keys to accessing and trusting our intuition.

When you trust your body’s ability to speak to you, it’s a dance between your inner whispers and outward action.

It’s not that you have to go around in a transcendent meditation mindset 24 hours a day. Hearing your inner guidance doesn’t require superhuman abilities. It just asks for a little space between all your projects, people, ideas, and responsibilities that you tend to each day.

This could look like

  • A morning sun salutation
  • A walk in the woods or in your neighborhood
  • A hot shower that washes away invisible worries too
  • A morning or evening gratitude journal
  • A deep breath

The first step in hearing your intuition is to invite it, welcome it, and make yourself available to receive it.

What are some ways you could cultivate a curious, neutral space to hear your inner wisdom?

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