When Wisconsin got the order to shelter #SafeAtHome in mid-March, I made a special trip to my veterinarian’s office to pick up extra prescription food for my cat Curtiss. Not knowing how long we’d be sheltering at home, I wanted to make sure my boy was taken care of.

At first, he was a little curious about why I was home so much, but we’ve now settled into a routine.

He gets shut out of my home office when I have Zoom meetings, waiting patiently in the hallway. We have snuggles and “cat time” periodically throughout the day, stress breaks, where I pause and breathe, feeling his soft fur, appreciating the gentle vibration of his purr. The noon-ish snack times (that he never lets me forget) are a highlight of the day.

Our routine is much the same it was before isolating at home, and I’ve found that immensely comforting.

What’s your pet routine been like since adjusting to sheltering at home? I’ve found that Curtiss (also known as Fuzz Face, Big Boy, Curty) is an anchor of normalcy in a world where the rug has been pulled out from under me (and everyone) with the pandemic.

I’m curious to know how your own pets are doing, how you’ve adjusted, and what we can learn from our pets in this unusual time.

My friend Sandy Walden and I invited Todd Thurber, a pet trainer, to join us for a conversation about our pets in a time of sheltering at home. He was a delight to talk with about how to best use this time for our pets’ and our mutual well-being.

Our conversation includes:

  • Special care for aging dogs
  • Fostering pets in a time of pandemic
  • How to take advantage of the time you’ve got with your pet right now.
  • What dogs most want right now.
  • When this crisis passes, how are our pets going to react when OUR live return to a (new) normal?

What are YOUR pet experiences in this time of the pandemic?

I invite you to listen, share, and JOIN in the conversation. Please let me know in the comments about your pets and your experience sheltering at home with your fur friends. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

“I’m seeing more happy dogs in this country probably than ever before.” —Todd Thurber, dog trainer

About Todd Thurber

Todd Thurber has been involved in enriching people’s relationships with their pets on a professional level for the past 18 years. He’s the owner and operator of Come, Sit, Stay and Play Dog-U-Cation Center in West Allis. For more information visit comesitstayplay.com.

More about Sandy and Manda

I’m Manda Stack, Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people get calm, clear, and connected so that they can make empowered decisions to live with joy, confidence, and freedom. My signature services include personal energy clearing sessions by video or phone. Click here for more information.

I’m Sandy Walden of Serenity. As a Grief Coach, Grief Coach Trainer, Reiki master/teacher Hypnotist and Author, I’m honored to support those who’ve experienced the heartbreak of loss. To walk the path with you through grief into healing. I don’t judge, but simply accept, because that’s where healing begins. I share possibilities, experiences, and explore the gifts that are yours when you’re ready to receive them.

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