Design your business to align with your unique magic.

What if you could design your business to align with your unique magic – and get paid well to do what you love?

In your work as a coach, healer, therapist, energy worker, or other service-based business, your inner knowing is the overlooked key to building a successful, enjoyable business.

I invite you to join me at Sourced™.

Everything changes when you’re Sourced™.

Learn your unique Magic type!

Hi, I’m Manda.

With a background in energy work and intuitive coaching and a passion for supporting entrepreneurs, I built my business from the ground up. I could not have grown – in clients or in my own personal transformation along the way – without support and guidance.

As a previous client of Sourced, I grew my skills in many areas and learned to trust myself and my inner knowing even – and especially – in the business aspects of my work. Since 2019 I’ve been working on the Sourced team in a part-time capacity in a variety of areas, including coaching and as the Director of Certification. Recently I have stepped into the full-time position of Director of Operations which allows me to use my gifts of organization AND intuition! Of all the business coaching programs I’ve known, SourcedTM stands alone in its blend of business expertise AND supporting clients in trusting their inner knowing (we call it magic)!

Are you ready to lead with your magic in your work?

Come see what we’re doing at Sourced™.

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