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Big things are stirring in our world. It’s a disorienting time that’s shining a light on how former ways of living no longer work, including in our lives, work, and relationships.

  • Are you tired of showing up for everyone else but yourself?
  • Is your business idea waiting (and waiting) in the wings?
  • Do you have a lifelong yearning that’s not being fulfilled?
  • Are you searching for answers and direction?

You’re not alone, and it IS possible to unlock your potential and achieve your long-held dreams, even in (and especially during) this time of massive global changes.


  • Surprising yourself with how POSSIBLE your “impossible” dream really is.
  • Having easy access to that delicious Divine space of peace and clarity inside you.
  • Being audacious, brave, intuitive, passionate, and focused in your life, work, and relationships.
  • Gaining compassionate clarity on the next right steps for you.

Hi. I’m Manda Stack, the behind-the-scenes oracle for successful businesswomen.

Manda StackIt took me a l-o-n-g time to claim my gifts and put them to service in supporting women in their transformations. There was a time when I was spinning my wheels, journaling my dreams and desires, but seeing very little outward changes in my life and work. Ugh, it was frustrating! I almost gave up on myself.

One of my mentors says that our ego chooses our first career. When I look back at my 23 years as an ordained minister and church pastor, I see how my ego set up some impossible standards for myself, which slowly drained me over time. Let me be clear: I loved my work and the people I served. I had the privilege of being with them in times of high celebration as well as in the depths of loss and challenge. There was so much about my work that fed my soul.

I wouldn’t change one thing about my previous career. It taught me a lot, including self-love. God clearly called me into that position – and my ego stepped in to claim the credit. I took pride in being a woman in a profession that doesn’t always welcome women in leadership. I enjoyed breaking barriers.

However, it wasn’t long before I put everyone else’s needs ahead of mine, taking the value of sacrifice a bit too far. I worried more about what others thought of me than what God thought of me. At the same time, a growing awareness of a new way of working kept tugging at me.

I’ve always been sensitive to energy and could feel when other people’s energy was “off.” I didn’t have language for it at the time, and often I felt bombarded by these invisible stresses around me that confused and drained me.

The True Meaning of ‘Clairvoyant:’ Meet the ClairesI started taking some classes in energy work and loved it so much that I got certified and started working with clients on the side. It lit me up – and my clients were getting amazing results! I felt conflicted between staying in my safe career with a paycheck where I was really making a difference in the faith community, and a deep longing to use my skills and gifts in new ways, in my own business. I couldn’t see the “how” of making it all happen. So I kept on going in that middle place for years.

Finally, something changed. I took a stand for myself. The discomfort of NOT doing what I truly loved outweighed my desire to stay in a safe, known career. A bigger, more aligned desire led the way. As God once called me to be a pastor, the Divine again called me just as strongly in this new direction.

This I know: I’m meant to be an Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist, work with amazing women, and have abundant joy, freedom, and connection.

What are you meant to be, do, and have?

If you’ve read this far, I know that you have a big heart and you’re ready to make an even bigger impact.

Many of us are finding ourselves in a place of transition and re-awakening to a deeper desire to live more joyfully, peacefully and abundantly. We all have the potential and ability to truly shift our lives into focus and resonance with our highest and most essential selves.

What People Say

Upcoming Spirit Circle: Monday November 8 and Monday November 15, 2021
2 pm PST / 4 pm CST / 5 pm EST

$64 US
Includes Both Spirit Circles for the Month

This is a golden time unlike anything you’ve known before.

Big things are stirring in our world as we regain new equilibrium after the pandemic, care for our environment, and step up support for racial justice. In the midst of this unprecedented global re-set, how are you rising into your power?

Your big dreams are not meant to be kept in a box. Your deepest longings are signs of a sacred unfolding – the very heart of the Divine working through you.

In many ways, sheltering at home and adjusting our schedules and priorities last year has been a crash course in learning to live meaningfully in the present moment. We’ve contended with limitations regarding material resources, available time, and space.

In this often-disorienting process, many people have found that they’re being released from striving toward what is not in alignment with them. I’ve heard from a number of people that the this past year has given them the needed excuse to finally shed some things that no longer fit them, leaving room for what’s next.

What’s next for you?

That’s the big question. What’s next? And it’s why I created Spirit Circle. It’s a sacred container of support to hear your inner knowing. It’s an experiential space to tap into your vastness, your resilience, and your resourcefulness as Spirit breathes fresh lift into you.

Definition of Spirit: the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul; from Latin spiritus, “breath,” from Hebrew ruah, “dynamic wind or breath.”

Whenever you’ve been inspired, you’ve been breathed into by Spirit – in-spirited. Spirit is a co-creating force that is as close as your next breath.

Spirit Circle has developed an energy of its own that calls to the right people at the right time.

Is Spirit calling you to step into the circle?

I’m humbly honored to be a vessel for Source to work its magic, facilitating monthly groups of a limited number of people in a two-part experience of deep transformation. When we come together in a group with intentional energy, it amplifies our collective possibilities and abilities.

In this time of massive shifting, a profound awakening is taking place.

  • What’s the message for you at this time?
  • What’s being dismantled in your life?
  • What are you glad to leave behind?
  • What don’t you want to return to normal?
  • How are you being called to show up in new, authentic ways?

Join Spirit Circle to explore your inner depths and to be inspired – breathed into – by Spirit.

How Spirit Circle Works

Spirit Circle is a two-part virtual gathering:

On the 2nd and 3rd Monday of the monthwe gather virtually for one hour at 2 pm PST / 4 pm CST / 5 pm EST.

Spirit Circle Part I: Opening to Source  – We’ll have brief introductions, set our intentions, participate in an exercise to tap into your inner knowing and receive messages for what’s next for you. It’s a powerful time of clarity and alignment.

Immersion – The week in-between our circles is a potent energy stream that we’ve set for your message to gain momentum, for synchronicities to show up, and for deeper understanding to anchor into your soul. The week is an open portal when the energy is stirred. What was activated takes root and dances in the lives of the participants.

Spirit Circle Part II:  Re-Source Your Next Steps – We’ll be led in a time of sharing, going even deeper into what wants to come through your life at this particular time. Tuning into Source, we’ll get clarity on inspired next steps for each participant. Hearing from others who are in a similar process is a highlight of the experience. A closing ritual will set the new awareness in each participant, and bless the ongoing unfolding co-creations of Spirit with each person.

What we set in motion together in Spirit Circle is activated to come to pass in your outer world, as if by magic. I’ve witnessed this process happen over and over. I’m honored to hold space for eight people who are stepping into their inner and outer transformation.

Are you ready to seed your life in the image of what you want to be doing rather than based on past assumptions and worn-out beliefs?

Join me in a safe, sacred group to virtually link arms and step through this potent time together. I’ll lead you through simple experiences to re-set your energy to help you gain calm clarity for moving forward.

Are you ready to co-create with Spirit?

Remember, there are a limited number of spots available each month, so sign up now. I’d love to welcome you into the sacred circle of transformation.

Upcoming Spirit Circle: Monday November 8 and Monday November 15
2 pm PST / 4 pm CST / 5 pm EST

$64 US
Includes Both Spirit Circles for the Month

Please plan on joining Spirit Circle Part l and Part ll. There will not be a replay in order to hold the space sacred and confidential for those who can join. However, there will be future Spirit Circle gatherings. If you can’t participate this coming month, sign up now for a future month and ensure a space for yourself. 

Would you like to host a private Spirit Circle with Intuitive Coach Manda Stack event for your community, friends, or co-workers? Let Manda know of your interest.

Mary Ann Pack

A new perspective for Mary Ann

“Recently, I joined a Spirit Circle with Manda Stack, and was delighted with her intuitive leadership. She was amazing! As she led us through a guided meditation, I received my gift of a golden key of appreciation from my spirit guide. During the following week, I was able to integrate more appreciation into my life and the results were a happier, more fulfilling experience. The group energy was so beneficial. It was so helpful to hear from others in the group because it allowed me to see new perspectives that I would never have experienced otherwise. If you haven’t joined in the transformational joy of Manda’s Spirit Circle, I highly recommend you do so and soon!!”

Mary Ann Pack, Spiritual Guide

A renewed sense of hope for Lori

“I have experienced one of Manda’s Spirit Circles and it was a wonderful way to pause and to get in tune with my soul and what is important in my life during this time of uncertainty. I walked away from this experience with a renewed sense of hope.”

Lori Raggio, President CEO Inspire Greatness Coaching and Consulting LLC

Robin felt heard in the circle of trust and safety

“Manda’s Spirit Circle was such a loving and nurturing environment to be a part of. I felt heard when I shared and was able to be in the listening of others when they shared. Manda used her calming energy to bring a level of trust and safety to the circle. Her added touches of prayer, wisdom, and song added a special touch to this sacred space. I highly recommend seeing for yourself what the Spirit Circle has to offer you.”

Robin Finney, Wandering Aunt

Connection and community for Meredith

“I signed up for Spirit Circle to feel grounded during this uncertain time of Shelter in Place. I found connection and community as we all came together for a sacred hour. I most enjoyed the healing messages Manda shared with the group. Weeks later, I’m still reflecting on one of those beautiful stories. If you’re feeling worn out or unsettled by what’s going on in the world, I recommend joining one of Manda’s soothing and healing Spirit Circles.”

Meredith Vaish, Founder and CEO of Pause Box

About Manda

Manda Stack is an Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Practitioner based in Wisconsin. She specializes in balancing energy to clear your connection with the Divine and activate abundant freedom, flow, and joy. She has over 23 years of experience in healing, intuitive, spiritual, and energy clearing work. Manda’s passion is helping you reconnect with your inner wisdom so you can finally break through your fears and live your sacred sense of purpose. She works with people throughout the United States and world virtually through one-on-one sessions or group experiences. Click here to learn more about Manda.

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