Spirit Circle with Intuitive Coach Manda Stack

A group experience to clear your energy and reconnect with your purpose and passion
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Staying well physically as well as emotionally and spiritually in a time when we’re sheltering at home is hard. The world has changed, and so much feels unclear.

Have you been experiencing:

  • Feeling empty
  • Defaulting to old habits that don’t serve you
  • Cabin fever
  • Loneliness
  • Disappointment about your cancelled events and plans
  • Family strain
  • Fear for your loved ones’ well-being
  • Economic uncertainty

As you navigate this new experience, do you find yourself wobbling back and forth between extremes?

  • Grateful for what you have / heartache for others who are suffering
  • Glad for technology and online gatherings / exhausted from constant virtual connection
  • Wondering if you’re under reacting when your life and routine is mostly okay / questioning if you’re overreacting when you get too filled up on the news

We’re beginning to adjust to the magnitude of the challenges we’re facing with Covid-19 and there’s no quick fix. However, there is connection, shared wisdom, and the spirit of our divine creator to help us through. Life is wild but also wise.


You’re not alone. There is a way through.


Maybe you’re starting to come out of survival mode and looking for ways to come out of this with resilience and strength. Something’s stirring in you to become more focused, productive, and proactive. You feel like you’re being called into a new space – emotionally, mentally, spiritually – but you can’t quite see it yet.

The vision is real. The reality is that this interruption has inspired many people to connect in new ways, awaken to fresh possibilities, and get curious about how to reset their lives and even thrive now and into the future.

My Covid Story


No. I didn’t get ill with the virus (yet…knock on wood), for which I’m grateful. But I did get way down depressed for a while. Spent a few days in the recliner with short spurts of checking the news, my bank account, and my toilet paper supply. When the Covid-19 radically changed so much of life as we know it, I was afraid. Watching the world from my windows, I wondered how we would make it through this unprecedented time.

I hit some low points: panic buying, overwhelm with the amount of suffering, anger at mismanagement, concern that a sore throat was a portent of the illness, and sadness as our stay-at-home order was extended, cancelling my much-anticipated annual get-away to my favorite place in the world: Door County, Wisconsin.

I wallowed and wobbled for a while. I recognized that I was grieving and adjusting like so many. I didn’t have a magic wand that made it all better for me, but what finally helped me reset my energy for calm clarity – even joy, trust, and happiness – was the power of connection I have with the Divine and with other soul-connected people. You have this too.

I know it’s possible for you to regain your inner calm and move forward with clarity even in a time of pandemic because I’ve been there, and I’ve regained my stability in a way that has renewed and refined my sense of purpose. I’m Manda Stack, and I want to help you emerge from this time with peace, purpose, and vision for yourself and for the world.


Let’s get through this “alone” together.

This Spirit Circle is for you if:

  • There’s part of you that trusts there’s great potential beyond this challenging time.
  • You’re looking for some practical tips for staying calm, centered, and true to yourself no matter what.
  • You’re seeking to feed your mind and uplift your soul.
  • You understand that this upheaval will ultimately create some good in the world (and it already has).
  • You want to be filled with peace, purpose, and vision for yourself and our world.

We stand at a threshold. Are you ready to open the GATE?
Gather, Align, Transform, Emerge in a shifted energy stronger, wiser, and living in your truth.

Together we will:

Gather… as a community, as there is strength in unity and connection.
Align… Align with our inner knowing and connection with the Divine for the ultimate wisdom.
Transform… Our fears and doubts into hope and inspiration.
Emerge… At the end feeling uplifted, peaceful, and clear.

Join me in a safe, sacred group to virtually link arms and step through this GATE together. I’ll lead you through simple experiences to re-set your energy to help you gain calm clarity for moving forward.

In the circle you’ll connect, re-set your energy, and receive what your soul needs for this time.

  • Find your footing
  • Take the next best step in your life no matter what changes continue to unfold
  • Refocus on your core values


The time for support is now


Most people who don’t get support in times like this will default to old patterns and fears. They get swept away by the collective emotions that are amplified in the world especially in this time of pandemic. They lose their sense of focus, motivation, and trust that ultimately, they will get through this time. They constrict rather than open, which dims their energy and availability for joy, happiness, and trust.

If there’s a feeling in your heart that resonates with you at some level in this, I invite you to join my Spirit Circle. I created it for you.

The GATE has opened. Now is the time to join me as we link arms and step through the threshold together.


Thursday May 21, 2020
12 pm – 1:15 pm PT / 2 pm – 3:15 pm CT / 3 pm – 4:15 pm ET

We will meet on Zoom video.

Only $29 USD ~ (Regularly $79)

There will not be a replay in order to hold the space sacred and confidential for those who can join. However, there will be future Spirit Circle gatherings. Contact me and let me know if you would like to be notified of the upcoming Spirit Circle Schedule.

Would you like to host a private Spirit Circle with Intuitive Coach Manda Stack event for your community, friends, or co-workers? Let Manda know of your interest.

A renewed sense of hope for Lori

“I have experienced one of Manda’s Spirit Circle and it was a wonderful way to pause and to get in tune with my soul and what is important in my life during this time of uncertainty. I walked away from this experience with a renewed sense of hope.”

Lori Raggio, President CEO Inspire Greatness Coaching and Consulting LLC

Robin felt heard in the circle of trust and safety

“Manda's Spirit Circle was such a loving and nurturing environment to be a part of. I felt heard when I shared and was able to be in the listening of others when they shared. Manda used her calming energy to bring a level of trust and safety to the circle. Her added touches of prayer, wisdom, and song added a special touch to this sacred space. I highly recommend seeing for yourself what the Spirit Circle has to offer you. ”

Robin Finney, Wandering Aunt

Connection and community for Meredith

"I signed up for Spirit Circle to feel grounded during this uncertain time of Shelter in Place. I found connection and community as we all came together for a sacred hour. I most enjoyed the healing messages Manda shared with the group. Weeks later, I'm still reflecting on one of those beautiful stories. If you're feeling worn out or unsettled by what's going on in the world, I recommend joining one of Manda's soothing and healing Spirit Circles."

Meredith Vaish, Founder and CEO of Pause Box

About Manda

Manda Stack is an Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Practitioner based in Wisconsin. She specializes in balancing energy to clear your connection with the Divine and activate abundant freedom, flow, and joy. She has over 23 years of experience in healing, intuitive, spiritual, and energy clearing work. Manda’s passion is helping you reconnect with your inner wisdom so you can finally break through your fears and live your sacred sense of purpose. She works with people throughout the United States and world virtually through one-on-one sessions or group experiences. Click here to learn more about Manda.

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