After 23 years of living in the same house, I moved to a new home in September. Oof. I forgot how stressful it is to pack, pare down, plan, and prepare to move – let alone endure the physical move and set up of a new household.

I knew before I moved that this new home (well, 1956 home) would need an energy clearing. I just couldn’t get it done before the move. All I had time to do before the movers unloaded my boxes was paint over the two-tone pea green kitchen (!!) with a soothing, cheerful yellow that will inspire me through dark, cold, Wisconsin winters.

The movers were genuinely impressed with my preparedness and said that of all the people they’d ever moved, I was the most organized. Compliment received; ego stoked! Thank you. I’d spent weeks packing, labelling, and preparing to make this an efficient and easy move.

After the movers departed, I helped my cat, Curtiss, get acclimated (offered him treats as he cautiously explored the new space), stocked the fridge, put my houseplants in the window, welcomed the Internet technician who set up my wi-fi, and put the sheets on my bed.

Then I looked around at all my boxed-up worldly possessions in this strange, new setting, and sank into a funk.

Uber-organized me lost all momentum and motivation. I barely unpacked any boxes for a couple weeks, choosing instead to purchase basic items I hadn’t yet found among my boxes such as hand lotion, scissors, and lightbulbs. I spent three days crying. Was I lazy? Crazy? What happened?

I knew at the time that I was being massively affected by the stressed energy in the house I’d just moved into, much of which was from unhappiness left behind in energetic form from the previous occupants. My new neighbors offered information about the former owners that confirmed what I’d felt and suspected: sorrow, frustration, anger, and who-knows what else lingered like energetic dust bunnies all around me.

I knew that the space needed an energy clearing – pronto!

But I felt powerless to rise up and do anything about it. Which drove me extra bananas because THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING. This is what I do for my clients who move to new homes, or who live in homes where the energy has become stagnant with old, stuck emotions that keep them trapped in loops of sadness, anger, depression, and fatigue.

So what does an energy clearing practitioner do when she moves into a home and sinks into a vortex of yuck? She calls on a fellow clearing practitioner to clear her home. And what a huge difference that made!

The day after my home was cleared, I spent seven hours going through boxes, unpacking (hello hand lotion, scissors, and lightbulbs!!), arranging furniture, and organizing things into drawers and cabinets. Motivation returned. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt.

I now have a first-hand experience of being on the other end of a space clearing that truly shifted not only the energy of my home, but my own outlook and ability to function. I grew to have a new appreciation for this old house and its quirks. It’s looking more and more like home. My home.

Now that I’m back up and running, fully unpacked and enjoying my new home, my experience reaffirmed the passion and commitment I have for energy clearing. We often don’t realize how much we’re being affected by stressed energy that remains in the spaces where we live and work.

I’m re-inspired by the power of energy clearing as a foundation for well-being, happiness, motivation, and joy.

Does my experience make you go, “Hmmm. I wonder what negative energy might be lingering in my home?” It’s a good question to ask. Remember – the negative energy doesn’t even have to be from previous occupants. Stressed energy can build up from our own or our family’s repetitive worries, frustrations, meltdowns, fights, illness, and fears – keeping us locked into that vibration.

Some reasons people seek space clearings are because:

  • There’s a bad vibe or something feels off
  • Certain areas accumulate clutter
  • You, your family members, or your pets avoid certain places
  • You’re not getting along with your neighbors.
  • There’s fighting among family members
  • You’ve gone through a big transition such as a divorce or death in the family
  • You see infestations of insects or rodents
  • You’ve lived there a long time
  • You plan on selling your home
  • You’ve moved into a new home
  • You suspect there may be a ghost or spirit hanging around
  • You’ll be bringing a baby into the home

I invite you to book your space clearing today. Let me support you energetically in feeling more focused, motivated, happy, and free!

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