We’ve all bumped up against that wise saying, “The only thing constant in life is change.” Yes. Well. Even in times without a pandemic, change is often unwelcome. We like certainty, and the rug has been pulled out from all of us this year.

I found myself tearing up as I walked my neighborhood and saw the paper hearts some neighbors have displayed in their windows as a sign of love and connection.

I had a good, long cry on Easter Sunday, a surreal morning of watching worship online. A bittersweet but beautiful day. I felt the loss of so much – of the world – on the day we celebrate new life.

Compassion for myself and my tear-stained face that day looked like hunkering down for the afternoon watching comedians on Netflix. OMG Marc Marone and his riff on turmeric! And how Ryan Hamilton lost his contacts while sky diving! Those were just the distractions I needed, from times before coronavirus.

We’re in a time of a weird “new normal” that seems to change day by day. Our feelings and emotions are UP – right at the surface.

My friend and grief coach, colleague Sandy Walden and I, had a chat about the place of compassion and empathy in our lives – for ourselves and for others.

We discussed:

  • Is it selfish or wrong to have compassion and empathy for ourselves first?
  • How can you care for yourself and have compassion and empathy, even in some really difficult times?
  • How selective media fasting can be the most compassionate way to care for yourself
  • How do you define compassion? Empathy? Do you agree with the dictionary definitions?
  • Have you experienced “compassion fatigue?” If so, what are some ways to find healing?

“One of the things I would do is give all my responsibilities over to God and say, ‘Okay, Divine, the world is not going to stop running if I take the afternoon off. I know that You’ve got it.’ None of us is holding up the world. None of us has that enormous responsibility. But we do have a responsibility to ourselves and perhaps to those in our circle of family and friends, or employees or coworkers. We want to be there for ourselves and for others.” —Manda Stack

Let’s keep the conversation going

How have you experienced compassion and empathy? I invite you to listen, share, and JOIN in the conversation. Please let me know in the comments your thoughts or any questions you have. I’d love to hear from you.

More about Sandy and Manda

I’m Manda Stack, Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Specialist. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people get calm, clear, and connected so that they can make empowered decisions to live with joy, confidence, and freedom. My signature services include personal energy clearing sessions by video or phone. Click here for more information.

I’m Sandy Walden of Serenity. As a Grief Coach, Grief Coach Trainer, Reiki master/teacher Hypnotist and Author, I’m honored to support those who’ve experienced the heartbreak of loss. To walk the path with you through grief into healing. I don’t judge, but simply accept, because that’s where healing begins. I share possibilities, experiences, and explore the gifts that are yours when you’re ready to receive them.

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