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If you’re tired of over-thinking and being caught in worry, fear, and indecision, an Intuitive Reading can be your way through. I tap into the essence of what’s going on below your level of consciousness. Once you become aware of the energies that are at play in your life at this time, you have empowered motivation and momentum to reach your goals. My Intuitive Readings enhance your life and support you in taking a course of action that is best suited for you, which frees you up for more joy, confidence, and success.


Is it time to schedule an Intuitive Reading?

My clients often find or connect with me at just the right time for them. There’s something going on in their lives that needs clarification and guidance that may not be clearly available to them.

Perhaps you found your way here at just such a crossroads, and your own intuition was nudging you in my direction for insight and guidance. Does this resonate with you?

Receiving an Intuitive Reading is a powerful way to shift your life. You’ll have my support to move through your challenges and embrace your purpose. The energetic agreement we enter into when you schedule your reading is a sacred container for the purpose of your highest good. Clients sometimes report that things started shifting for them as soon as they booked their reading with me. Your Higher Self may be working on your behalf by connecting you to someone who can offer the right assistance at this moment in time.


An in-depth Intuitive Reading into a chosen area of your life helps you

  • Identify hidden blocks that are holding you back
  • Make decisions that support your success and well-being
  • Overcome obstacles and create the life you dream of for yourself
  • Reconnect with your passion and gifts
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others
  • Enhance your connection with your own intuition
  • Re-invigorate you with joy, spaciousness, and possibilities
  • Bring more harmony into your life

How do you schedule a reading?

I work with clients remotely in any location and provide a comprehensive written report. Online email readings are a convenient way to get an intuitive reading. In our technologically connected world, they’re becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way for me to connect with people who have busy lives and want to receive higher guidance around some difficult situations in their lives.

  • If you’re on the go, have a busy schedule, and need advice at your fingertips, then you’re a perfect candidate for my email intuitive readings.
  • If you’re introverted, shy, and prefer some anonymity from speaking to an intuitive reader, then an online e-mail reading is for you.
  • If you’re more comfortable expressing your feelings through writing, then you will appreciate the written form of my intuitive readings.

You will receive a thorough written report. This is not a computer-generated report, but a true intuitive reading, with real time, skill, and energy invested. Each intuitive reading is unique and personalized to the client.

What is the process for an Intuitive Reading?

  • I work with your written question or area of concern that you submit via an intake form. You can write your question in one sentence or many paragraphs. Feel free to give as much or as little detail as you wish.
  • You may submit a recent photo of your face. This is optional.
  • Payment of $150 is due at the time you submit your information in order to secure your reading.
  • Within one week (usually sooner, depending on my schedule) I will tune in to you and the information you provided and do a thorough Intuitive Reading.
  • I will then email you a comprehensive, multi-page response in written form that you can refer to – even into the months ahead when it may become even more relevant.
  • I’ll also share exactly when I did your reading. Some clients report that they were able to tell when I was tuning in, though this isn’t necessary in order for the reading to be effective.
  • If you don’t have a specific question or area of concern, I will look at any themes or challenges that might be affecting you and offer guidance to help you navigate accordingly. Sometimes the best question to ask is simply, “What would be helpful for me to know right now in service to my highest good?”

I work with clients nationally and internationally. This is a service that easily works in any time zone, and at your convenience.

The rate for an Intuitive Reading is $150 US.

What an Intuitive Reading is not:

  • Fortune-telling to predict what will happen in the future
  • A forecast of when you will get married or to whom
  • Gambling tips
  • Entertainment
  • A debate to try to prove the information wrong
  • Death predictions
  • Financial predictions
  • Medical diagnoses

A word about the future

People are curious to know “what’s going to happen.” It’s only natural to want to be prepared and have insight into what’s ahead. However, intuitive readings are prescriptive, not predictive. The information I receive is like a recipe for you to use (or not use) in taking action. The insights that come to light in your reading signal where you are now, and perhaps what’s likely to happen if you continue on the same trajectory. My clients often come to me when they’re just about ready to take some action and are looking for information and confirmation to give them the determination they need.

You always have free-will, and your life is unfolding in a fluid and adaptable way, subject to change based on your choices and actions. This is important to understand because it means that you ultimately have responsibility and influence over your life and can take necessary actions to create the best possible outcomes for yourself and those closest to you.

How do I “get” the information for your Intuitive Reading?

We all have inner knowing and wisdom, but many people have lost their connection with it. Through the years, I’ve trained and built up my skills in using my intuition so that I can “look under the hood” of your energetic system. I’m able to receive intuitive information in proven, clear ways such as clairvoyance (literally, “clear-seeing”), clairsentience (“clear-feeling”) and claircognizance (“clear-knowing”). I also use other methods at times such as Astrology, 9 Star Ki, the Five Elements, Akashic Records, the Chakra system, Energy Clearing, and working with Spirit Guides. The information comes through easily even at a distance. We are all vibrational beings. You are energy. I’m able to tune in, with your permission, and receive intuitive information.

I help you help yourself.

My role in a reading is to serve as a guide to help you realize that ultimately the answers lie within you. I provide insight and guidance to assist you in making any choices or taking action. You always maintain your free will and, with that, the responsibility of following your own path.

More and more people are seeking intuitive guidance and clarity to help them move forward in their lives in a more authentic, joyful way. Intuition is not weird or spooky. It’s is a legitimate, powerful way of accessing information that is of service to you.

Why receive an Intuitive Reading from me?

Like you, I’ve faced challenges in my life which ultimately transformed me into a stronger, more compassionate person. One early, painful experience was when I was voted “Most Shy” among my High School Senior Class.

What I found mortifying at the time reveals in hindsight that, while I had a hard time relating with people one way, I was connecting energetically with people another way.

I was reading people and getting information about them that wasn’t readily available by outward appearances.

My intuition blossomed

My natural intuitive abilities were a gift I developed intentionally with training and certification. I know that I’m called to be of assistance to people. This is reflected in my former work as an ordained minister and pastor for 23 years where I accompanied, guided, and supported hundreds of people through significant life events: marriage, divorce, career changes, retirement, births, family tensions, empty nesters, returning to school, moving, financial challenges, dying, death, grief, health crises and chronic health challenges, addictions, abuse, big life decisions, spiritual doubts and questions, leaving religion, finding religion, growing in spiritual connection, and everything in between. Whew!

There’s pretty much nothing I haven’t seen. Which also means that I hold no judgement about you or what comes up in your Intuitive Reading. Your information is safe with me. I hold confidentiality in the highest regard and practice my intuitive work in a thoughtful and ethical manner.

My work is not fear-based. My intent, always, is in service to you and your highest good. When you become aware of the hidden dynamics at work in your life, you are empowered and freed up to create the life you imagine.

I am a Certified Energy Clearing practitioner with Jean Haner’s Clear Home, Clear Heart Professional Certification Program.

Note: Intuitive Readings are for those age 18 and over.

Success for Liz

“Your reading was spot on. It shined a light on things that I needed to pay attention to and I have addressed some of those things with success! You are a skilled reader and able to bring the messages from one’s guides into a practical space for living in physical form. I would recommend you to anyone looking for messages from their guides, angels, higher self.

Liz H.

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