In my previous post, I explored the initial step to growing your intuition. The first step is getting curious and open, and inviting your intuition to become more active. When you signal that you’re ready, you will receive guidance.

Now that you’ve created a welcome space for your intuition, you’ll likely bump up against a common hurdle: your mind. You wonder if that little nudge is really intuition, or just your imagination playing tricks on you.

What should you do when you’re confused about this?

Thank your logical mind for getting you this far in life. It’s done a pretty good job, don’t you think? Now ask it to relax. It doesn’t have to do all the work all the time anymore. Yes, this can be threatening to your mind, which is so vigilant. So keep calm and carry on with your gentle reassurance. This will be an ongoing dialogue and simply part of the process.

Intuition is a muscle. It takes practice.

The definition of intuition is: “the ability to know something immediately without conscious reasoning.”

Inner guidance is not something to be forced or thought through, but allowed to arise inside you. It doesn’t take effort. It isn’t filtered through your conscious reasoning. You’ll start to become familiar with it when it appears.

Intuition Next Steps

Intuition is a gentle, subtle, generally neutral “pulling” sense. It is a dance. It invites you to waltz with it.

Over time you will get better at identifying the difference between your inner wisdom and your mind-thoughts.

Do you know that feeling of being stuck in a repetitive thought or negative pattern or feeling? It doesn’t leave you much room to move or to dance. Then there’s a charge to those types of non-intuitive thoughts and feelings. It’s constricting. It’s fear or rule-based. That’s not your intuition talking to you. It’s your mind.

The Hot Potato trick

It’s the rare guru who can spend their whole day in a calm, neutral mindset. For the rest of us, our minds are wired to see problems – and get us to pay attention to anything that isn’t right.

When our thoughts cross the line into negative or repetitive loops, it crowds out your wise, inner guidance. When you notice that you’re being bombarded by repetitive thoughts that increase worry and decrease joy, that’s a signal to simply let go.

You might even envision these thoughts as a hot potato you’re holding, and let your hands release that potato. Just drop it. It can be that simple. Really. When you drop your thoughts, stories, drama, and worry, it makes space for your beautiful inner guide to get a word in edgewise.

This hot potato is a handy little tool in your intuitive kit.

To recap:

  • Set the intention to invite your intuition to dance with you
  • Drop that hot potato of negative, worried thoughts. Over and over.
  • Keep practicing.
  • Welcome your quiet, gentle intuitive awareness.
  • Dance with it. Act on it. See what happens.
  • Repeat

Invite intuition. See where it takes you.

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