Intuition is emerging from the shadows and starting to enjoy its time in the sun.

Everyone from Redbook Magazine to yoghurt (“trust your gut”) to bestselling business books are on board with the power of intuition.

When I talk about my intuitive-based business at mainstream networking events that include insurance agents, realtors, and commercial builders, they don’t look at me like I’m crazy. Many of them ask for my business card and tell me that they believe in intuition and want to know more.

Intuition is becoming widely accepted and appreciated. There’s still more work to do, though.

If you Google images for “Intuition” you still get a whacky assortment of ghost-like images, light beaming out of a person’s head, or bejeweled fortune tellers gazing wide-eyed into a crystal ball.

It’s time to cast off those worn-out caricatures and bring intuition fully into our thriving, exciting, Spirit-led, synchronistic, post-modern age.

My aim is to help not only our language evolve about intuition, but also our visual sense of what it looks like to be intuitive.

It looks like you.

Here you are reading this. You intuitively knew there was something here for you.

Congratulations on taking the first step in learning to use your intuition: getting curious.

• When you set your intention to grow your intuition, it responds.
• When you seek out information about intuition, it flows more freely.
• When you expect to be intuitive, you are!

Intuition is not a magical gift bestowed by fairies on a select few. It is something that everyone has. The problem is that most people have lost touch with their inner guidance.

Intuition is rising into the collective consciousness because we realize that there’s more to life than meets the eye (or any of the five senses).

Intuition 101

Intuition is always present, and everyone possesses it.

Your inner wisdom serves a purpose. It serves you. It nudges you toward possibilities. It urges you to do something that may not be typical, but feels oh so right. It leads you on paths of synchronicity – playful breadcrumbs of ideas, affirmations, and a-has.

It’s time to set your intention to grow your intuition. Expect amazing things!

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