Whether you know it or not, you use your intuition every day. Sometimes in subtle ways – knowing who is on the phone before you see who’s calling. Sometimes in significant ways – spontaneously taking a different route home from work, and later learning of a train derailment that could’ve had dire consequences for you.

I can count two life-changing times when I followed my intuition rather than the rational, logical option. They don’t involve phone calls or trains, but the outcomes changed the trajectory of my life.

The first intuitive guidance happened when I went to seminary to become a minister, and the second occurred 21 years later when I signed up for a retreat on the topic of intuition.

First Intuitive Risk

When I headed off to seminary, I had a debilitating fear of speaking in front of people. One time while reading a bible passage out loud for a small Sunday evening worship service, I lost my breath, saw the room tilt, and thrust the bible into the hands of a startled friend in the front row so she could finish the reading. Then I sat down before I fainted. True story.

What kind of minister can’t even read out loud from the bible? I trusted that the joy and call I felt from God at furthering my religious studies would somehow smooth out the fear. And it did. I went on to serve in a thriving church ministry for 23 years.

Manda graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, 1992, and on her way to United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Energy in and All Around Us

I’ve always been able to “read” the energy around us – the energy of people, buildings, objects, rooms, situations, trees, animals. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely when and how I became aware of the fact that energy is all around us.

I feel like a fish in the water when I speak of energy and intuition. For years I took training in various healing modalities, read countless books on mysticism, consciousness, and inner transformation. I achieved Level Three training in Healing Touch, which is the healthcare professional’s equivalent of Reiki.


Second Intuitive Risk

Stop WaitingGod bless the internet, my laptop, random blogs I follow, and how that all converged one day as I listened to an interview with blogger Kevin Gianni who spoke with Hay House author Jean Haner.

Intrigued, I went to Jean’s website and went right down the rabbit hole as I read about her experiences with intuition. She was offering a retreat on intuition and energy clearing that summer in California.

Zap – just like 21 years earlier – I felt a new call from the Divine to take action. Though I didn’t really have the money and hadn’t planned on making a trip or doing any more training, I found myself registering, booking a flight, arranging for a cat sitter, taking time off work, and trusting that this retreat was where I needed to be and what I needed to do.

The first night of the retreat, though I knew none of the 70 people from around the United States, Canada, and other countries, the energy in that room felt like home. I quietly cried in the back row – though I’m not one to usually cry in public. I hadn’t yet learned a thing about intuition or energy clearing, but a deep inner knowing resonated in me. I was in the right place, with the right teacher, learning what I needed to learn. And the retreat was the most transformational experience of my life.

Following the lead of my intuition (naturally), I grew more and more committed to the work of intuition because I saw what profound changes came from understanding and using intuition in everyday life.

Empowering Others

Each time I took the risk of following my intuition – against logic and convenience – it has allowed me to grow and be of greater service. Your intuition is a gift from the Divine. I believe it can have a rightful and honored place in how we gather information and make decisions – important ones and small daily ones.

I’m deeply grateful for the encouragement of people along the way who’ve helped me listen to my intuition.

A couple questions for you:

Who helped you learn to listen to your intuition?

Have you ever taken a life-changing leap into the unknown based on your intuition?

I’d love to hear about these things in the comments below.

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