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Your home is meant to be your place of renewal and relaxation, but too often it’s a place where clutter accumulates and unfinished projects linger. This can subtly drain your energy. Old arguments or repetitive worries hang in the air like energetic dust bunnies, even from long-ago occupants. You’ve heard that it’s good to “clear the air.” The same goes for the space.

Did you ever consider that the energy of your home may be contributing to your lack of motivation, sadness, sleep disturbances, or repetitive worries? When your home is out of energetic balance, so are you. I invite you to consider if your home is due for an energy clearing.

This type of energy clearing for the home is based in Feng Shui, which brings harmony to the space. Instead of moving your furniture into optimal locations, I clear the stressed and negative energies from your home to bring things back into balance. This releases you from old patterns that may have been draining you and keeping you stuck.

After a clearing my clients often find that their decluttering efforts finally last. They enjoy keeping their home clean, tidy, and welcoming. They feel more relaxed and at peace. They decorate it in ways that are better aligned with who they are and what brings them joy.

A home energy clearing creates new possibilities, vibrant flow, and fresh motivation. Your home clearing includes personal clearings for each member of your household. They don’t need to be present to receive the full effects of their clearing. If you have pets, they receive a clearing too!

Your home may benefit from an energy clearing if:

  • There is a bad vibe or something feels off
  • Certain areas accumulate clutter
  • You, your family members, or your pets avoid certain places
  • You’re not getting along with your neighbors.
  • Fighting among family members
  • You’ve gone through a big transition such as a divorce or death in the family
  • Infestations of insects or rodents
  • You live near an electrical or cell tower
  • There’s been major digging or construction in your neighborhood
  • You’ve lived there a long time
  • You plan on selling your home
  • You’ve moved into a new home
  • You suspect there may be a ghost or spirit hanging around
  • You’ll be bringing a baby into the home

What you can experience:

  • The space feels lighter, more comfortable and “homey”
  • You’ll enjoy keeping it clean and free of clutter
  • It will support you in your life as the energy flows freely
  • If you’re selling your home, it can improve the reactions of potential buyers
  • Some clients report an improvement in relationships, finances, and health
  • Better sleep
  • Increased focus

What is the process for a home energy clearing?

Available on-site in person, or by distance.

I will come to your home to do the space clearing if we live within an hour’s drive of each other (I’m based in Southeast Wisconsin). I am also available for limited travel with expenses paid for on-site clearing for farther distances.

With your home energy clearing you also receive a full personal clearing for each member of the household (they do not have to be present). Pets receive a clearing too!

Live far away? I can also clear your home at a distance, which is just as effective, using a floor-plan that you provide me.

Why work with Manda?

I’m certified in energy clearing through Jean Haner’s Clear Home, Clear Heart Program. This is by far the most advanced and effective method of energy clearing that I’ve encountered among the variety of healing arts I’ve studied through the years. I’m honored to be one of Jean’s certified practitioners and am passionate about energy clearing as a means of supporting my clients’ well-being, joy, focus, confidence, and success.

Full Home Energy Clearing

It usually takes two to five hours to clear an average-sized home either on-site or by distance. This includes full personal clearings for each member of the household, and for distance clearings, an in-depth phone call with you to go over what I found and cleared. Clients consider this a sacred experience and I recommend at least one member of the home to be present for the clearing. 

If you live in Southeast Wisconsin/Northeast Illinois and wish to schedule an on-site energy clearing with me, click the “In-Person” button and email me your request. I’ll be in touch. Click this button also if you wish to have me come to your home from a farther distance, with travel reimbursement.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions:

For the safety of my clients and myself, I am carefully reviewing the possible risks of doing on-site space clearings. My priority is the well-being of my clients, and I want to remain healthy and able to serve your energy clearing needs. If you are interested in having me come to your space, we will have a conversation beforehand about limiting exposure, reducing the number of people on site during the clearing, and other precautions to see if an on-site energy clearing is safe. Virtual space clearings are always available, and I may direct you to this option. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to book a distance clearing, click the “Distance” button and let’s get you on my schedule.

Total Investment: $850 US

Schedule Your Home Energy Clearing

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Big shifts for Meredith

“I would recommend Manda’s services to anyone who’s starting a new chapter in their life, such as a job change, relationship change, or deepening their self-development. At first, it was hard for me as a “do-er” to accept that receiving an energy clearing for our home would have tangible benefits. I also wasn’t sure how someone else could work with and clear my energy or my house’s energy — especially from a distance. After the energy clearing, I experienced big shifts! I’ve had significant new opportunities pop up in my business since the clearing – literally, an order for my product came out of the blue. I also joyfully watched my family members “coming into their own,” feeling empowered, seeing the bigger picture, seeming less defensive, moving out of limbo and letting go of old stories. Also, my dreams have been more vivid and assuring, helping me trust that things are falling into place. This energy clearing experience has shown how it helps people let go of old patterns and emotional habits, as well as the opportunity to welcome in possibility. Manda had such integrity and a strong healing presence. She’s a gifted healer who exudes trust, warmth and calm.​”

Meredith Vaish, Founder and CEO of Pause Box

A new housemate for Rebecca

“I really enjoyed working with Manda. She has a calm, easygoing way of being and a true sense of caring. After the clearing I am having less and less anxiety and feel more empowered to take care of myself and my needs. It feels more relaxed and easier to be myself when I am around my housemates. We also found a new roommate who is a lot more in line with my interests, which I believe is in big part from the space clearing!! Manda’s energy clearing was a very calming and supportive experience overall. She is trustworthy and highly sensitive to people’s trust. I recommend Manda to anyone who is searching for a very caring and warm soul to clear them and help bring life into better balance!”

Rebecca C., Cleveland Heights, Ohio

So much hope for Chris

"You came highly recommended by someone I trust. After the clearing I had a remarkable experience with my son that gave me so much hope. I loved your sweet spirit and positive energy. I also appreciated that you explained everything in simple terms. I love that you explained that stressed energy could have been from a previous occupant and that it didn't really matter, but the important thing is that energy could be cleared out. I feel that everyone could benefit from your clearing work. I'm so happy to have connected with you, and feel extremely comfortable with you."

Chris LeRose, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

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