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DESIRE Retreat:

Divine Energetic Space for Your Intuition to Reconnect and Expand.

2020 Dates To Be Announced Soon
Southeastern Wisconsin

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It’s time to release the tethers that hold you back and let your Big Dreams soar.


You have desires that defy gravity.

What you don’t have is a plan or the unwavering belief that you can truly make it happen. You just have a feeling. A pull. A subtle voice in the back of your mind. A longing to move into something new, even if it makes no sense.

You’re like a big, beautiful hot-air balloon eager to soar, straining at the tethers to be free of responsibilities that don’t fit you anymore.

What if you could easily release the tethers that hold you down and finally let yourself rise to remarkable new heights?

How can you tell that you’re ready to soar?

  • Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads?
  • Do you believe there’s something more meant for you, but can’t generate the energy to make it happen?
  • Does life seem like one step forward, two steps back?
  • Do you lack the confidence to fully embrace your joy, passion, and excitement for life?
If you feel the answer is yes, if you are ready to RISE, then I invite you to apply for the DESIRE Retreat.

You’ve been off course for a while, but you’re a master at making do and getting through. Your body is starting to pay the price. You wonder if those aches and pains are making you slow down. Sick days, back pain, exhaustion, muscle tension, weight gain. Odd symptoms that defy a doctor’s diagnosis.

You keep going as is. Because that’s what you’ve always done. You wonder if you’ll ever catch a break, catch your breath, or feel deep and lasting calm, joy, and fulfillment.

You hesitate to fully share your true desires with family and friends because they won’t get it. Financial worries tether you to your safety zone when what you really want to do is break free and let your Big Dream fly.

You know you’re meant for a bigger life. But how in the world can you get there from here? If you barely have time or energy to get groceries, how will you ever accomplish grander things?

Plus, what if you acted on your Big Dreams but failed and ended up right back where you are now? You don’t think you could take that failure, so why even try.

Oh my goodness. Does this sound like the merry-go-round of thoughts circling your mind?

You are not alone.

My Story

I’m Manda Stack, intuitive guide, spiritual minister, coach, retreat leader, and energy clearing specialist.

But I wasn’t always these things. I know what it’s like to have desires so big that they seem to defy gravity itself.

My bookshelves overflowed with self-help and success books. I felt claustrophobic in my own life because I knew there was so much more out there. But I just couldn’t seem to get free of all the limitations that were holding me back from living the joyful life I envisioned.

The first inkling of my Big Dream happened in the driveway of my childhood home when I was 10. I was playing and chattering away to myself and said, “oh my god.” My Dad overheard this, stopped his yard work and said, “You know, Manda, when you say God’s name, God listens and waits for you to say more.”

At that moment the universe expanded. I looked up and around, newly aware that my voice had power: the ability to call God’s attention to me. Dad’s simple lesson shifted my sense of place in the world.

I’d already learned about prayer in Sunday school. But until my “driveway moment,” it didn’t really connect into my heart. This was the first time I actually got that there was Someone who listened. I felt the Divine’s presence, just waiting for me to say hello.

Fast forward to adulthood: becoming a pastor and going into organized religion was a calling that lit me up. It affected my voice with God. It both strengthened that connection and, interestingly, got in the way of it. I had a legitimate platform and parameters to talk about God. I love talking about God, faith, spirituality, doubt, fear, hope, love, and the deeper things of life. I get to talk about things like that. Wow! At the same time, I got caught in a life-long pattern of tending to everyone else’s’ needs to the detriment of my own. It took a lot of energy to hold up my mask that made it look like I had it all together.

By then, it was affecting everything: work, finances, relationships, health. I was dog-tired and in pain, dropping into bed at 9 pm only to lie awake, starting another day with an empty tank.

I was stuck in a daily Groundhog Day of putting on a cheerful façade that masked how dried up and sad I felt on the inside. I wondered how long I could keep up the illusion of success through the veil of exhaustion and feeling of defeat. I’d lost the thread of what I was Divinely created to be and do but couldn’t muster the momentum to figure it out.

Finally, something pivoted for me. It shifted in both a gentle and huge way so that my life opened up. It wasn’t a grand, thunderbolt experience. Rather, I got out of my own way!

With support, I became aligned and authentic, powered by Source and unencumbered by my own negative self-talk, judgment, and fears. Pesky health challenges eased up and disappeared. New opportunities appeared, and I had the energy and courage to take leaps of faith I could never have made previously.

Now I’m expanding outside the platform of the church. There’s a broader conversation happening and growing in the world about spirituality, and I want to be part of it. I’m reaching more people, and that’s very exciting!

My calling is expanding. I’m here to bring change to the world and to show people new ways of living. Will you join me?

I see you. I know you. I’ve been where you are.

Your Big Dreams aren’t just your imagination. They are your calling. They define the essence of who you are and act as your North Star to guide you in the road map for your life.

The Divine doesn’t plant seeds of possibility without giving you the means to make it happen.

Are you at the tipping point? Do you sense that the time is now to embrace your divinely planted desires and hitch a ride on your North Star to pull you to new heights?

Imagine breaking free and living a happy, joyful life of ever-expanding, reliable energy, passion, and confidence, bouncing out of bed in the morning, doing work that you love, being with people who light you up, and truly, fully living “your one wild and precious life?” (Thanks, poet Mary Oliver!)

The key: when you learn to trust yourself, life, others, and Source, you

  • Reconnect with your unique purpose and start to LIVE it immediately.
  • No longer put more value on other people’s ideas of what you should do because now you’ve got a clear channel directly to your Divine inner wisdom.
  • Befriend your deepest longings and watch your Big Dreams take you to places beyond your imagination.

Because you’ve read this far, I know these things are possible for you.

The truth is that you’ve been on this path all your life. It’s what you came here to do. Everything in your life that’s happened until now has been preparing you for this launch.

I’ve been right where you are and found a way through to overcome the exhaustion, fear, and confusion and finally, joyfully live my Big Dreams. It’s abundantly possible for you to break through too.

Are you ready to take the leap to confidence, joy, and freedom?

I’m here to help. You can do this.

If you’re a woman who’s exhausted, hurting, feeling defeated and can relate to these things I’ve shared, you’ve landed here for a reason.

I’ve developed the DESIRE retreat for you: a Divine Energetic Space for your Intuition to Reconnect and Expand.

Why a retreat?

The definition of retreat is: “an act of moving back or withdrawing; a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy.” To get anchored in a new possibility, we need to step away from our usual environment. There’s nothing like a retreat experience to break through and move your life to the next level.

Most people who try to dig themselves out of a life that isn’t working for them can’t do it on their own. They need support, guidance, structure, and a mentor who’s been there.

I invite you to join me on a journey within so that you can finally make transformative changes from the inside out and change the trajectory of your life.

Transformation often starts happening the moment you register for the retreat. Saying yes to yourself unleashes invisible, energetic support. Don’t wait to register.

Join me as you get on track and on purpose, and watch the pathway to your confident, joyful, self finally lift off the ground and soar to unimagined new heights.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned, intuitive insights, 23 years of healing, spiritual ministry, energy clearing, and hard-won wisdom and created a retreat program to clear the way for you to tune in and trust your inner wisdom easily. Your Higher Self is SO EXCITED that you want to connect with her! 

This retreat is your opportunity to stand by your desires. It’s time to use those Divinely planted desires and transmute them into gold for your life.

About the Retreat

This will be an intimate, safe, compassionate space to journey within, led by myself, an intuitive specialist and guide, seasoned pastor, coach, and energy clearing professional.

Features include

  • Simple exercises to clear out your old patterns of getting in your own way
  • Intuitive techniques to tune in and master the art of trusting your inner wisdom
  • Personal laser coaching to help you move forward in your most pressing desires
  • A ready-made community of like-minded, heart-centered, intuitive partners (and maybe new friends for life)
  • Practical tools to implement your blossoming intuition and get it to work for you back at home, work, in relationships – pretty much the whole scope of your life.

Inner transformation = outward changes.


Spiritual and emotional peace for Shelley

“Manda helped me feel more grounded and better prepared to address the circumstances in my life. I experienced more spiritual and emotional peace. I have also felt more present in my body and more relaxed. My mind has been clearer.

Manda provided information that gave me greater understanding, peace, and reminded me to be gentle with myself. She has helped me through difficult times and I felt completely supported.

I recommend Manda to anyone who is open to energy work. She is non-judgmental, effective, professional, and has a peacefulness about her. I appreciate her wisdom and graciousness.”

Shelley D., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peace and self-acceptance for Tina

“There is something wordless and healing about being in your company. I experience tremendous relief going from chaos to peace, and feel more accepting of myself, and kinder to myself. I notice an increased ability to sense when I am out of balance energetically. You are able to be with people in a unique way that offers comfort, clarity, understanding, and peace. Anyone undergoing an uncertain transitional phase in their lives, or experiencing emotional turmoil or lack of direction would benefit from working with you.”

Tina N., Tampa, Florida

Saying yes to yourself unleashes invisible, energetic support.

This retreat is for you if

  • You love the idea of easily using your intuition every day to make aligned decisions.
  • You’re open to Spirit’s guidance.
  • You’re ready to stop over-giving and under-receiving.
  • You’ve been courageous in other times in your life, and you’re ready to call on your courage again.
  • You’re ready to come out from behind your mask.
  • You’re an introvert who trusts that you’ll get enough time and space to process the experience during the retreat itself. (You will)
  • You’re an extrovert who loves to express herself and graciously allows space for others to express themselves too.

This retreat is not for you if

  • You’re committed to blaming outside things and people for your circumstances but unwilling to look inside for the ways you might be blocking yourself from expanding.
  • You complain and criticize rather than surrender and seek support.
  • You have exclusionary beliefs about people’s religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or sexuality.
  • You’re a jaded skeptic (though doubts and questions are expected and welcome)
  • You aren’t open to spiritual concepts of a guiding Source, Spirit, God, or benevolent universe.

DESIRE Retreat:

Divine Energetic Space for Your Intuition to Reconnect and Expand

Additional 2020 Dates To Be Announced Soon
Southeastern Wisconsin

Be with people who get you.

In this safe, supportive retreat space, you’ll be among people who get you. The magic of your transformation happens in the supportive energy that will be created in our two and a half days together. But it doesn’t end there. It continues to expand and grow in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

  • By the end of the retreat, you’ll already feel a difference and fresh spaciousness in your life.
  • You will confidently take with you clear action steps to move forward on your desires.
  • You’ll have the experience, tools, and support to make new choices to take a stand for who you really are and what you desire in your life.

Many people start to experience transformation from the moment they register. Don’t wait to register!

It’s time to step into your true desires and courageously release the tethers that have been holding you back for far too long.

This personalized retreat has limited seating. Register today and prepare for a transformational experience tailored to you. Dive deep, be seen, and break through limiting beliefs in a safe, supportive space.

In this time together, you will have the opportunity to quickly shift your energy and mindset, laying the strong foundation for outward transformations in your relationships, career, finances, freedom, and joy!

There’s a place here just for YOU.

Join me and other women who’re ready for lift off in the DESIRE Retreat, where we hold Divine Energetic Space for your Intuition to Reconnect and Expand.

If you prefer, private coaching is also available. Just ask Manda for more information.


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