Business Energy Clearing By Distance

Energy clearing of your work site/business office can be easily accomplished from a distance and is just as effective as an in-person, on-site clearing. Using a floorplan that you provide, I will tune in to the energy of your business. Going room-by-room, I search for and clear various types of stressed energy that may be affecting you and those who work there and the customers you serve, including:

  • Stressed emotional energy
  • Adverse effects of technology such as EMFs from appliances and electronics
  • Agitated energy from the earth below your business that may be intruding into your space

Also included in your business energy clearing is a full personal clearing of you and the primary managers/directors/employees of your business. This helps align everyone’s energy with the fresh, clean energy of the space. A clear work space is a happy place and supports the people who work there.

Business is flourishing again for Dr. Allexi

"I highly recommend Manda Stack for space clearing whether it is for your home or your business. She cleared both spaces for me and it changed how my family felt in our home and how my business operated. In early 2018 there was some construction happening near my business and home. Things started to go haywire. I noticed that there was increased irritability in my office and I didn’t enjoy being there as much as previously. After Manda’s clearing I found myself wanting to be in my office again and my business flourished. Manda’s professional demeanor and effective clearing made such a difference in our lives. I am so grateful to her for the work that she does.

Now my business is doing well again, and it feels like everything is flowing in the right direction. My children are sleeping better in our home and everyone feels more comfortable. There is a sense of ease and joy in both spaces. I highly recommend Manda for this unique and special approach to Feng Shui. She is skillful, talented and a pleasure to work with. If you have the good fortune to have her clear your space I think you’ll be very pleased with the results."

Dr. Jasmine Allexi, Waterford, Wisconsin

Let’s get started!

The process for setting up your business energy clearing goes like this:

  1. Complete the Intake Form with information about your business
  2. Draw or create a floor plan of your work space and attach it in the Intake Form
  3. Make a $150 deposit to schedule your business clearing

My rates are $150.00/hour and it usually takes me between 3-4 hours for the whole process, which includes personal clearings for you and primary employees. It also includes an in-depth phone conversation with you afterward to go over what I found and cleared. There is a deposit due of $150.00, and the balance is paid after our phone call. The estimate for your business clearing is generally between $450 – $600 U.S.

  • Once I receive the needed information and deposit from you, I’ll schedule your business clearing, usually completed within two weeks (often sooner).
  • When I complete your business clearing, I will email you to set up a time for us to talk by phone to go over what I found and cleared.
  • Following our phone call, you will be sent a link to pay the balance due.

Please follow these instructions for creating a floor plan of your business office/work site. You will attach your floor plan in the Intake Form:

  • Your floor plan can be hand drawn on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper or generated by a computer program, etc.. It doesn’t have to be to scale. If you have architectural drawings, you can use this and label the rooms.
  • Use separate pages for each floor level and label each floor.
  • Label each room clearly (whose office, break room, copy room, bathrooms, etc.) and include major furniture (tables, file cabinets, desks), appliances (refrigerator, microwave), and electronics (computers, electric fuse panel, TV monitors, etc.) on the floor plan. Also, label the exterior doors.
  • Write your address on the paper.
  • Indicate which direction is North.
  • Ideally you will scan your floor plan and create a PDF format. If you don’t have access to send me an electronic copy, you can mail it to me by postal mail. Simply let me know you will be mailing it, (email me here with your request) and I’ll provide my address and watch the mail for your information. Alternatively, you may take a clear photo of your floorplan(s) and attach it in .jpg or .png format format.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!

Thank you,

Manda Stack

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