Business Energy Clearing

Why Your Business Office Might Need an Energy Clearing

  • There’s a bad vibe or something feels off
  • Employee turnover
  • Declining revenues
  • Certain areas accumulate clutter
  • You, other employees or customers avoid certain places
  • Infestations of insects or rodents
  • You wonder if there may be a ghost or spirit in the space
  • You’ve worked there a long time
  • You’ve relocated to a new office

Benefits of an Office Energy Clearing

  • Improved employee relations and cooperation
  • Increased productivity
  • The office feels lighter and more welcoming
  • Reduction of clutter
  • It supports you in your work as the energy flows freely

How Does Energy Clearing for Your Business Work?

Available on-site in person, or by distance.

I will come to your office to do the space clearing if we live within an hour’s drive of each other. I am also available for limited travel with expenses paid for on-site clearing for farther distances.

Live far away? I can also clear your office at a distance, which is just as effective, using a floor-plan that you provide me.

Each space clearing includes a full personal clearing for you and the primary employees/managers of the work setting.

Why work with Manda?

I’m certified in energy clearing through Jean Haner’s Clear Home, Clear Heart Program. This is by far the most advanced and effective method of energy clearing that I’ve encountered among the variety of healing arts I’ve studied through the years. I’m honored to be one of Jean’s certified practitioners and am passionate about energy clearing as a means of supporting my clients’ well-being, joy, focus, confidence, and success.

Full Business Energy Clearing

It usually takes between two to five hours to clear an average-sized business, depending on the size of the space and what I find to clear.

If you live in Southeast Wisconsin/Northeast Illinois and wish to schedule an on-site energy clearing with me, click the “In-Person” button and email me your request. I’ll be in touch.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions:

For the safety of my clients and myself, I am carefully reviewing the possible risks of doing on-site space clearings. My priority is the well-being of my clients, and I want to remain healthy and able to serve your energy clearing needs. If you are interested in having me come to your space, we will have a conversation beforehand about limiting exposure, reducing the number of people on site during the clearing, and other precautions to see if an on-site energy clearing is safe. Virtual space clearings are always available, and I may direct you to this option. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to book a distance clearing, click the “Distance” button and let’s get you on my schedule.

Total Investment: $850 US

Schedule Your Business Energy Clearing

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Business is flourishing again for Dr. Allexi

“I highly recommend Manda Stack for space clearing whether it is for your home or your business. She cleared both spaces for me and it changed how my family felt in our home and how my business operated. In early 2018 there was some construction happening near my business and home. Things started to go haywire. I noticed that there was increased irritability in my office and I didn’t enjoy being there as much as previously. After Manda’s clearing I found myself wanting to be in my office again and my business flourished. Manda’s professional demeanor and effective clearing made such a difference in our lives. I am so grateful to her for the work that she does.

Now my business is doing well again, and it feels like everything is flowing in the right direction. My children are sleeping better in our home and everyone feels more comfortable. There is a sense of ease and joy in both spaces. I highly recommend Manda for this unique and special approach to Feng Shui. She is skillful, talented and a pleasure to work with. If you have the good fortune to have her clear your space I think you’ll be very pleased with the results.”

Dr. Jasmine Allexi, Waterford, Wisconsin

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