Ancestral Family Lineage
Energy Clearing

A profound method of releasing and healing inherited energy patterns that can affect your life, wellbeing, finances, and relationships.

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You are the result of the people
who came before you in your family lineage


Your ancestors play a significant role in the circumstances of your present life experience, often without your conscious awareness.

Just as you may have inherited physical traits such as your grandmother’s eyes or your father’s smile, you likely also inherited less obvious genetic traits such as emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, or trauma, even from many generations back. If a family member or ancestor experienced abandonment, combat, hunger, depression, etc., it changed their DNA. By way of genetics, an imprint of that trauma gets passed down to you. This is called epigenetics, which is the science of the hidden influence on your genes. These are imbalances that are inherited and passed down through genes.

You inherited not only the blessings and strengths of your ancestors, but also energetic and emotional patterns. Perhaps you mistakenly experience these as your own problems, even though they didn’t truly originate with you. Sometimes people unconsciously act out inherited patterns even though these are not actually their personal issues in this lifetime.

It can be challenging to heal these genetic imprints through traditional means such as therapy because the deep energetic connection that threads its way back through one’s generational line is not taken into account.

Just like a snowball rolling downhill, the longer it gets passed down without resolution or healing, the more energy it picks up and the stronger the pattern can become down the line. This means, for example, that an ancestor who experienced a traumatic event 12 generations ago could be impacting your vibration.


And now you have a choice. You may be the first ancestor who has the awareness to heal it.

Are your Ancestors calling you?


There are those of you who feel called to do this work for your own well-being and for your lineage. As an act of love, you are showing up to do what others could not.

It’s no accident that in recent years there’s been a surge of interest in genealogy. It’s more than a passing hobby. This rise in ancestral research points to not only the desire to know more about family lineage, but it also reflects how your ancestors have gifts and support to offer you especially now. They’re calling to you, inviting you to courageously and compassionately connect with them.

This is a time of great awakening on many levels, and your ancestors are part of this. You have an important role to play not only in your own personal healing, but also in the healing of your family lineage, which has wide-reaching effects into the collective matrix.

Many indigenous cultures honor the place of ancestors as having an active, vital role to play in their lives. They take all generations into account as part of a living system that provides ongoing support, guidance, and connection. We have much to learn from indigenous communities and welcome our ancestors into our lives.


What about ancestors who had troublesome personalities?


Some people are hesitant to connect with their ancestral heritage because they come from very dysfunctional families and worry about triggering painful memories. However, after a person passes from their earthly life, they go through a period of refinement in the afterlife where hard lessons are integrated and wisdom is gained. They are cleansed of their toxic personalities and now their only influence is one of love and support. They are available in new ways to beam blessings to you and other living family members.

Please know that this method of ancestral clearing is gentle yet powerful. As with all of my energy clearing work, anything that comes up in your clearing is held with great care and confidentiality.

Ancestral Mathematics

Benefits of Ancestral Lineage Energy Clearing


This type of energy work is helpful if you’ve noticed repeating patterns or experiences that seem to keep playing out in your life or in your family. Ancestral Lineage Energy Clearing can release:

  • Unresolved conflict
  • Unhealed emotional wounds
  • Traumatic imprints
  • Damaging thought patterns
  • Limiting belief systems
  • Addictive patterns

Ancestral Family Lineage Energy Clearing is a profound method of releasing and healing inherited energy patterns that can affect your life, wellbeing, finances, and relationships. It’s a powerful process to heal the family issues that hold back so many people from moving forward in their lives. This can often be the change people are looking for to heal their karma and family patterns.

An ancestral clearing is a gift for your whole family line. The good news is that the clearing benefits not only you, but also your living relatives.

Ancestral Family Lineage Energy Clearing
happens in a series of 4 sessions


Session 1 – Full personal energy clearing for you. This will set the stage for in-depth family lineage clearing and will reveal what areas we might focus on in the following sessions.

Session 2 – Energy clearing for one parent’s side of your family

Session 3 – Energy clearing for your other parent’s side of your family 

Session 4 – Integration session where you’ll anchor in new insights and set next steps to draw on the clear energy of your ancestors.


4-Session Package: $1,200 US

Each session is 60 – 90 minutes in length.

Each clearing in this series package should be scheduled for at least a week apart in order to allow for the energy of each clearing to process and settle. Optimal spacing of sessions is generally one to three weeks apart.

About adoptive parents and step-parents

If you were not raised by one or both of your birth parents, you may be wondering which family line should be cleared. While biological parents have the genetic blood line connection to you, adoptive parents and step-parents have infused you with their energetic patterns, including ancestral ones.

You are welcome to choose which of your family lines – biological or relational – to focus on. There is no right or wrong answer, and often one family line clearing sets things in motion. Some people decide based on which parent/step-parent they feel most emotionally aligned with. There’s also something to be said for clearing biological parents that may not have been part of your life in order to clear genetic patterns that may be affecting you sub-consciously. Again, listen to your heart in deciding which family line would be most valuable to have energetically cleared. We may also get more insight about which direction to go in the first of your three sessions.

Another option: if you would like to schedule additional ancestral family lineage sessions in order to clear multiple family lines connected to you, please let me know and we will set it up.

Ancestral Family Lineage Energy Clearing

Energy Clearings are done from the comfort of your home and just as effective as if we were in person together, these sessions are conducted online in a private Zoom virtual meeting room. Details will be emailed to you after scheduling.

Your sessions can be recorded for you to refer to later.

Laura Monk

Feeling lighter and more buoyed up by my ancestry rather than pulled down by it

“Since my ancestral family lineage energy clearing with Manda, I feel better about myself and where I came from in life. I have a very troubled background and family history and I have no links to my family of origin. For a long time, I felt like I was lumping around a lot of baggage that was not mine to carry and much of that was old energy going back many generations. Since the clearing, I’ve felt lighter and more buoyed up by my ancestry rather than pulled down by it.

What I like best about working with Manda is her gentle, non-judgmental, compassionate nature. Given my family background and history, this is really important to me and I have always felt really safe, held and supported with her. I’ve also noticed shifts in my adult children’s lives who are reporting some surprisingly positive changes in their attitudes and behaviour.

I would not hesitate to recommend Manda’s ancestral family lineage energy clearings to anyone who felt blocked from their fullest expression in life due to their family history. The most important thing that people should know about working with Manda is that energy clearing is a real thing – it really works and produces real results. Manda has a true gift to clean and clear old and negative energy from people and their spaces.”

Dr. Laura Monk, Psychotherapist and Transformation Coach

Home Energy Clearing

Profound healing for Maureen

“Manda Stack is an inspiration. For those of us who have some attunement to the spiritual realm, her incredible talent is readily appreciated. Her ability to clear energy is quite remarkable. Hers is not a typical intuitive psychic reading. She had told me what had deeply affected me, in my own personal clearing, and my family, during the ancestral work. From what I felt during the sessions and from my own subsequent meditations, I knew the healing was profound. Others who I have recommended Manda to have said they had no idea her work was incredibly needed or how her gifts as an empath/sensitive are real. I’ve made a renewed commitment in developing my intuitive abilities as I know these will be divinely guided after my experience with Manda.”

Maureen McNulty, Dipl. OM, L.Ac., LMT

About Manda

Manda Stack is an Intuitive Coach and Energy Clearing Practitioner based in Wisconsin. She specializes in balancing energy to clear your connection with the Divine and activate abundant freedom, flow, and joy. She has over 23 years of experience in healing, intuitive, spiritual, and energy clearing work. Manda’s passion is helping you reconnect with your inner wisdom so you can finally break through your fears and live your sacred sense of purpose. She works with people throughout the United States and world virtually through one-on-one sessions or group experiences. Click here to learn more about Manda.

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