I teamed up with some of my dear friends and fellow certified energy clearing practitioners to share some behind-the-scenes information about our energy clearing work. I’m a huge fan of these amazing women, and of energy clearing.

Energy clearing is rising into our consciousness now. It’s time. The old ways are not working anymore. Energy clearing is an overlooked key to helping us bring balance to our lives, which have ripple effects into our world.

The term “energy clearing” is not in the dictionary – yet. But this subtle way of easily dissolving our stressed energy is the key to revolutionize everything – from our pet’s bad behavior, to our cluttered homes, to co-worker disagreements, to broader societal discord and fear.

A Definition of Energy Clearing

First – my definition (are you listening Merriam-Webster, Oxford, Dictionary.com?): Energy clearing – (verb) a gentle, safe technique for releasing invisible stressed energy to restore balance.

When we’re in balance, we fire on all cylinders. Here are just a few of the ways clearing your energy field helps you achieve this balance:

• Long-held fears evaporate
• We attract people who are in best alignment with us
• Our intuitive abilities grow
• We live in joy and help spread peace from the inside out – in our families, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the world

Here’s the thing: without attention to our energetic well-being, we’re functioning on less-than-optimal input and output. Our power is dimmed. We are fatigued, overwhelmed, hurting, frustrated, stuck. Old patterns run our lives (as Misa talks about in the video below).

More and more people understand the impact of the invisible energy in us and around us. It’s time to make it dictionary-official so that we can easily speak the language of energy.

I’m so glad to share this video that includes my energy clearing colleagues Rebecca Kim, Misa Bowman, and Cheri Dannels. In this video we discuss:

  • How can energy clearing help people who are sensitive or empathic?
  • Why energy clearing gets to the root of what’s holding us back
  • Can energy clearing work from a distance by video or phone?
  • Examples of how old patterns can come up for clearing
  • How unexpected opportunities arise after an energy clearing
  • How practitioners can pick up on and clear a client’s blocks even without the client telling them what difficulties they’re having
  • How business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from energy clearing

Meet my colleagues in this list of Certified Energy Clearing Practitioners through Hay House author Jean Haner.


“Having an energy clearing, I like to think of it as like clearing the cache of a computer. If you’ve ever had a computer that gets bogged down and slow and you clear the history out, it gives it a fresh life and new efficiency. That’s how I see clearing working.” —Manda Stack

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